You’re never truly done in recruiting – but you are done with your recruiting event. Whether it was a campus job fair, a veteran recruiting event, or a networking meeting, the question you’re likely left with is: Now what?

To ensure you really make the most of any recruiting event, do these three things once the event is over:

1. Follow Up

If you didn’t send follow-up emails to candidates before you left the event, do it the day after. Job seekers who attend industry events are among the hottest leads in your talent funnel. Make sure you send them all the information they need to continue the application process. For added engagement, your follow-up emails should be personalized, especially if sent to a candidate you met in person at an event.

2. Detail the Next Step

Be absolutely clear with candidates on what the next step in the process is. Do they need to fill out an application on your careers site? Send a resume? Schedule a phone interview? Whatever it is, clearly detail what the candidate should do next.

You may also consider enrolling candidates in a drip-marketing campaign to lead them through the application and interview process, especially if your process is a bit lengthy.

3. Nurture Candidates

You may have met some great candidates to whom you’d like to offer a job immediately. You may have also met some candidates who aren’t quite matches for your company yet. Continue to nurture your relationships with these candidates via email, a talent community, or the organization that sponsored the recruiting event. It may take months or years, but these candidates could turn into great hires if you play your cards right.

A version of this article originally appeared on the WCN blog.

Jeanette Maister is managing director of the Americas for WCN.

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