ZipresumeThere’s a statistic that says hiring managers only look at resumes for an average of 5-7 seconds. Well, now the folks at job distribution service, ZipRecruiter, have created a new tool to help with thisZipResumes.

ZipResumes eases the hiring process making it simple and easy for hiring managers and recruiters when conducting a resume search by scanning through dozens of resumes and quickly identifying needed information. Every applicant’s resume will be organized in a similar manner, making it easy for, as ZipRecruiter says, “recruiters to compare apples with apples.”

Forget about searching through hundreds of uniquely formatted resumes for common areas, such as education, skills, and job titles; with ZipResumes, these details and more are now laid out in clear sections. The creative tool also pulls out up to 50 keywords from resumes and ranks them based on years of experience.

ZipResumes is free for all ZipRecruiter members and, in the event that you’d prefer the traditional sourcing method, the applicant’s original resume is still available to view and download.

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