Google Interview Questions

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In a tough job market, what is more worrying than not being invited to a job interview? Answer: being invited to one-if the company is Google, Apple or Microsoft, because, if you think the market is tough, wait until you have the interview with the likes of these giants. Brilliant companies not only have brilliant management and brilliant employees: Their interviewing methods and content will be as innovative and creative as their products and services-and as demanding as their design and production standards.

An interview with the biggest giant of all-Google (in terms of Alexa U.S. website ranking)-is not merely something you prepare for. It features an interview style that requires candidates to expect the unexpected and to be prepared to be creative-on the spot, as well as on the job.

If you get invited to a Google interview, you'll get a rare opportunity: the opportunity to worry about whether you'll be up to it.

Interviewing at Google can be an exhilarating and terrifying experience. Google is one of the top Internet companies in the world and prides itself on its bright and innovative employees and expansive campuses. Google conducts its face-to-face interviews at its San Francisco campus only, so expect to participate in a couple of phone interviews if you live out of state. If you get a pass, Google will fly you out to their headquarters in California where the main interview will occur. Expect an all-day interview session where several employees will drill you on your technical proficiency and personality to determine your fitness for the job. The Google interview questions will vary based on the position for which you are applying, for example, software engineer, product manager, software analyst, etc.

Google is known for its selection of quirky interview questions, but also wants to know you can prove your abilities and ensure that you will perform to Google standards. For example, an interview for a position as software engineer may include questions such as:

* "Why are manhole covers round?"
* "Explain the significance of 'dead beef'."
* "Explain how congestion control works in the TCP protocol."
* "How would you store 1 million phone numbers?"
* "Write a function that will return a random number from a linked list of millions of nodes of unknown length."
* "Write a program to find depth of a binary search tree without using recursion."

The bottom line is to be very well acquainted and equipped with the skills required by the job description.

Google is one of Fortune 500's best companies to work for and, while the company is one of the world's largest and most successful corporations, it seeks to retain employee-centric practices of small companies. Salaries are competitive and compensation packages include bonuses, equity, and other components constructed around each individual employee. Many of the benefits of working at a Google campus include the availability of an on-site doctor, masseuse, and yoga instructor, access to running trails, daily meals, a 401(k) program, a variety of health care plans, stock options, and the ability to enhance your skills through in-house development opportunities.

The Google interview questions are rigorous and the company is very selective in its hiring methods, but the payoff is substantial and the opportunities are great.
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