Interview Technology Resources

Some broad-based recruitment software and applicant tracking systems contain modules and services for candidate interviewing. However, the recent explosion in SaaS based web technology and Internet video has led to the emergence of many tech startups devoted solely to interview technology. Modern interview systems enable group interviewing through video, commenting and assessment, and full integration into an enterprise applicant tracking technology.
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Whether you are interviewing for a new position or designing the recruitment process for a large number of open positions, efficiency is key. New interview technology promises to deliver cost-efficiency through a reduction in travel costs, productivity increases through team hiring collaboration, and easy methods to track employment metrics and hiring activity to ensure legality and compliance. The number of recruitment software technology vendors that offer some type of interview system functionality exploded in the years 2010-2012. The industry has not, as of this writing, coalesced around a particular vendor or standard to govern and/or manage virtual interviews.
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