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Job distribution is how recruiters distribute their jobs, typically on Internet based employment websites. Specialized online recruitment software is often used to post jobs to multiple job boards and social networks simultaneously.

By optimizing the distribution of jobs on the Internet, recruiters can develop more candidates and increase their visibility on the Web. There are generally two aspects to job distribution success: the optimization of online job posts and the examination of recruitment marketing channels. By enhancing job posts and ensuring that distribution channels are performing well relative to their cost, recruiters can develop an efficient job posting method and practice. The end goal is to increase both the volume and quality of applicants.

In addition to these considerations, there are specialized job distribution software providers. These systems focus not on the publication of the job itself, but rather the easy posting to Web job boards and the examination of recruitment and application metrics. Many modern job distributors also include social media job posting as part of their systems. Using social media channels is a good way to increase the visibility of job listings, and aggregate and leverage the social and professional connections of a team of recruiters.
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