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There once was a time when finding a job mostly meant scanning a newspaper, visiting an employment agency, cold-calling [on] employers, going to job fairs, talking with visiting recruiters at your school, handing out business cards, asking friends for leads or jotting down phone numbers from a supermarket bulletin board.

It is unlikely that there will twice be such a time, now that online job sites exist.

Online resources and career sites that list jobs are important, increasingly indispensable modern tools for a job search. Indeed, Internet job boards are now the primary method that employers use to post their jobs and at which job seekers can search them.

Job search engines that aggregate job listings from both job boards and employer career sites have also become popular and a useful adjunct to other recruitment tools, both traditional, such as newspaper ads, and modern, cutting-edge digital approaches.

There are many job sites to be found on the Internet, including major job boards such as Monster and Careerbuilder, that solicit general consumer web traffic and specialized or niche job resources targeted to a particular audience or demographic. Each job portal offers special facilities to its subscribers, and some offer specialized career advice and/or networking among its members.

Job search engines, such as Indeed, SimplyHired, and Juju, have become popular career search destinations. These sites aggregate all of the jobs listed on job boards and combine them with job posts from employer career sites. These search engines for jobs operate much like Google or Bing, except narrowly targeted to a domain of search, in this case, employment and job listings, filtered by job category, keyword searches, geographical regions, full/part-time, remote, etc.

Social media sites have recently overtaken job boards as preferred job sites. Sites such as LinkedIn offer member-to-member networking, interesting content, and ways to directly connect with employers. There are also independent tools and software systems, such as Branchout, that overlay popular social networks like Facebook with a job referral and application system. Few job sites rival the traffic and visibility of Facebook, so this promises to be a popular source for employment, although as of this writing, no formalized job search solution has been natively offered by the website.

Of course, in its aspiration to join the ranks of the best recruitment-focused services, Recruiter.com has endeavored to distinguish itself with its own unique features that pick up where other services leave off, provide them at lower cost, and offer access to its own vast network of professionals and organizations.
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