Using Google Plus

Using Google Plus
Google Plus, Google's new social network, started out with a bang. Google Plus (sometimes called Google+ or G+) scaled membership faster than any other website in history. Find tips and articles here on how to use Google Plus.
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Find out how to find people with Google Plus, how to position your profile, and receive news and updates on this and other popular social networks. Google's new network promises to be an important online service; it's therefore important for all professionals to take a look at it and learn how to use its core social features.

Google aggressively promoted Google Plus throughout its network of web services, such as Gmail, YouTube, and Google Search. The Google Plus social network quickly became a viable alternative to Facebook. However, perhaps more importantly, it has become a key factor in delivering identity and social connection improvements to Google's main search engine product.

Google's intuitive interface allows users to easily create "Circles" of friends and professional connections, and then selectively share updates with any number of these groups. Additionally, the "killer" new feature that was launched with Google Plus are the "Hangouts": video enabled, real time chats that allow users to spontaneously get together for virtual meetings. In the future, this feature might be extended throughout Google's ecosystem, including Google Docs. One might imagine the future of Google products involving real time, integrated communication functions tied seamlessly to one's social connections.