West Bend, Wisconsin, United States


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  • 2-5 years
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Job Description


The Administrator of Home Based Community Services oversees all outreach services offered to the greater community to provide consistency in application of corporate policies and procedures and efficient resource utilization. The Administrator is part of the Key Management team. This position is responsible for the daily operation of our Home Health Agency, a licensed home health agency, and the Palliative and Hospice Agency, a licensed hospice agency, both of which are operated in accordance with current federal, state and local standards, guidelines and regulations to assure the highest degree of quality care.  This position is also responsible for the daily operation of the non-licensed homemaker/companion Supportive Care Program and Care Management (Pathfinders) program.



      Enforce State and Federal home health/hospice agency rules, regulations and codes (i.e. HSS 133 and hospice) and responsible for State/Federal surveys.

      Assure compliance with Federal, State and local laws and regulations as well as accrediting organizations standards pertaining to the home health and hospice, including: individual licensure of staff, state licensure of agency, Medicare and Medicaid certification, Food & Drug Administration regulations, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations, and Department of Transportation regulations.

      Implement and regularly evaluate policies and procedures for the management and operation of the home health agency and hospice, with evaluation of the overall performance of the home health agency.

      Ensure team members are oriented to the pertinent programs and their responsibilities, appropriately trained, and their performance evaluated.

      Assure appropriate staffing for program compliance.

      Assure competency of team members by annual skills evaluations.

      Maintain written service agreements with approved providers.

      Monitor the quality and appropriateness of services, evaluating the programs using measurable outcomes.

      Serve as the liaison between the Benevolent Corporation medical/nursing staff and all department heads through meetings and periodic reports.

      Oversee, assist and evaluate the Director of Nursing, Social Services, Nursing, Therapists, and Nursing staff of Home Based Services Department

      Maintain billing system and all statistical, financial, and other records necessary for the operation and evaluation of home health services.

      Develop and maintain a Risk Management Program to ensure adherence to the rules and regulations relating to operation of a federally licensed entity.

      Develop, market, and supervise supportive services program.

      Attend meetings as assigned by Director of Clinical Operations.

      Attend meetings of the Benevolent Corporation Board of Directors when requested, to give required reports and to act as a resource person regarding policy implications concerning the operations of Home Based/Hospice Services

      Create and assure positive relationships between clients, families, staff, volunteers and the general community.

      Work with marketing to promote agency programs to the greater Washington county area including physicians and hospital discharge planners.

      Assist with decision regarding admissions into the program, placements, transfer and discharges. 

      Attend regularly, special events and activities held on the Cedar Lake Campus which are sponsored by the Corporation and other campus special events.

      Provide leadership for formulating and promoting the philosophy and objectives of the Home Health Agency and Hospice, including promoting the understanding of the organizational structure of the inter-departmental and intra-departmental relationship for the Total Team Concept.

      Responsible for the implementation of meetings required by Medicare, Quality Assurance, Risk Management and other meetings assigned by Clinical Operations.

      Prepare and is accountable for the Home Health Agency and Hospice Agency budget and staffing.

      Serve on-call rotation with other agency personnel.

      Keep abreast of the regulatory changes and economic conditions/situations affecting Home Health and Hospice.

      Maintain confidentiality of all patient and corporate information.

      Lead the Quality Assurance and Risk Management program of the agency conducting program audits and conducting monthly QA meetings.

      Work with financial services to assure correct billing practices and periodically audits records for accuracy.

      Other duties as assigned



      Completed courses or have equivalent experience in administration and management with work experience in a home health agency. 

      A BSN from an accredited college or university in a related health care field.

      Broad professional experience including areas of personnel supervision, fiscal operations, and medical staff supervision.

      Knowledge of current Home Health Agency and Hospice regulations.

      Experience with computer systems, software programs, and Internet.

      Able to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing.


IMPORTANT: All resumes must be submitted with a brief candidate summary that outlines the key qualifications required for this position as per the job description. Please showcase all skills and experience relevant to each requirement for THIS particular job. This write-up will be shared with the client along with the resume. Candidates without a proper write-up will not be forwarded to the client.