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Job Description

We have an immediate opening for a part time, Contract Physician acting as the Backup Center Medical Director!  

We are seeking a Part time Contract Physician who will be responsible for ensuring donor suitability, product integrity, and the continued good health of donors through compliance with FDA regulations and our Donor Center SOP.  You will not be seeing patients in this role, you will primarily be quality checking work and information and signing off on that.  We do provide on-the-job training. The position requires just 4-8 hours per week and it is a perfect opportunity to earn additional income.


Oversee EMT/LPN/RN (Physician Substitute) performing the following tasks:

  1. Determine plasma donor suitability based on company Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). This includes:

  2. Review of medical health histories

  3. Physical assessment

  4. Review of plasmapheresis procedure, hazards, potential adverse reactions, and specific immunization programs if applicable

  5. Providing informed consent

  6. Counseling of donors regarding deferrals

  7. Documentation of interactions with donors

  8. Review of donor treatment and suitability following adverse events related to plasmapheresis.

  9. Provide training for donor center medical personnel including, Physician Substitutes and other Physician(s).

  10. Review lab results, as required, and exercise independent judgment to determine donor’s future suitability.

  11. For Anti-D centers:

  12. Oversight of the specialty program.

  13. Perform red blood cell immunizations.

  14. Perform physical examination and administer informed consent to participants, as needed.



The positions require just 4-8 hours per week and are a perfect opportunity to earn additional income.

  • Must be a graduate from a licensed medical or osteopathic school

    • Specialty in Pathology is highly preferred

  • Must be currently licensed in the state in which the center operates

  • Must be CLIA certified for moderate complexity testing or be willing to complete the required coursework for such certification (estimated 20 hour course) within 6 weeks.

Our ideal candidate is one with a somewhat flexible schedule to visit our donor center every week (4 hours a week). This can be completed in one visit per week or multiple visits if they prefer to break it up.... but they must come at least once a week. Candidates will be detail oriented as they must review donor records. They will be professional and amicable as they will be working directly with our nurses/EMTs. Ideally, they will be available by phone during the hours the donor center is open in case the nurses/EMTs have questions (we try to limit phone calls as much as possible).

Distance to our donor center is very important. We seek physicians who live or work within 40 miles of the donor center.

Ideal candidates will have little to no actions under their license. Candidates should be asked to disclose any actions or malpractice suits on their license to be included with their submittal.

We are a subsidiary of one of the world's largest plasma products manufactures. We own and operate 73+ plasma collection centers throughout the US critical to the development of life-saving patient therapies and utilized by thousands of patients worldwide.

IMPORTANT: All resumes must be submitted with a brief summary that outlines the key qualifications required for this position as per the job description. Please be sure to showcase all skills and experience relevant to each requirement for THIS particular job. This write-up will be forwarded to the client along with the resume. 

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