Director Infection Prevention, Registered Nurse

El Paso, Texas, United States


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  • 5-7 years
  • Green Card, US Citizen

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Salary range from 75K-112K

Job Description

Director Infection Prevention, Registered Nurse (RN) El Paso, TX, United States

 Shift: Full Time, No Weekends


Facility is seeking an experienced Director of Infection Prevention preferably with Acute Care IP experience at the director level; would like someone with HCA background if possible.

Del Sol Medical Center is a 350-bed full-service, acute-care hospital with the Trauma designation in Emergency Services in East El Paso. Located only 11 miles from Las Palmas Medical Center, Del Sol Medical Center boasts specialized expertise in cardiology, maternity and child services, and neonatal intensive care, among other specialties.


 The Director of Infection Prevention is responsible for facility-wide activities of evaluating and managing infection prevention risks to patients, visitors and personnel through extensive surveillance and an effective reporting system. The Director functions as the hospital and enterprise-wide clinical expert in the prevention and Infection Prevention Plan of infection and is responsible for the facility and enterprise -wide planning and implementation of the infection prevention and Infection Prevention Plan program. The objective of the Infection Prevention Program is to minimize both the risk of and the probability of transmission of infection, thus providing a better and safer hospital for its patients and personnel.  This position is responsible for the coordination of the Infection Prevention Program.


Works directly with the Infectious Disease Medical Director

  • Develops, coordinates and manages the review and assessment functions of the Infection Prevention program
  • Initiates, develops and delivers education programs on Infection Prevention and prevention for staff development and regulatory agency compliance;
  • Represents the Infection Prevention program through membership on hospital and medical staff committees;
  • Serves as liaison and interfaces with all regulatory agencies, and the health care community concerning infection prevention issues to assure hospital compliance with infection prevention regulations
  • Performs targeted surveillance and prepares reports and statistics on healthcare-associated infection rates
  • Develops and promotes consistent application of infection prevention policies and procedures
  • Supports emergency management activities and EOC through participation on environmental rounds, bioterrorism and patient influx planning, emergency response drills
  • Identifies situations that may present an infectious hazard to patients, staff, or visitors. Take appropriate actions to eliminate hazards.
  • Identifies communicable disease cases to be reported to the appropriate health department.
  • Leadership abilities in planning and implementing Infection Prevention Programs, and in serving in a consultant/teaching role. Organizational ability in planning, coordinating, & assessing data, and in making appropriate recommendations. Prioritize projects and data collections to meet deadlines.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills. Intermediate level skills with Microsoft Office (i.e. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.)
  • Ability to analyze recorded hospital acquired infections, and to provide periodic trended statistics and focused reviews to the Infection Prevention Team/Committees
  • Coordinate and lead quarterly activities/drills related to the HCA Infectious Disease Response Team (IDRT)
  • Oversees and conducts surveillance activities throughout all areas of the hospital. 
  • Facilitates the integration of principals of infection prevention and Infection Prevention Plan into the planning a day-to-day activities of the hospital and evaluates risk for infection at all campuses.
  • Works flexible hours in order to adequately meet the needs of employees working all shifts.
  • Ensures education of patient/family members is consistent and compliant with The Joint Commission, National Patient Safety Goals, and CDC Guidelines for Isolation, State and other regulatory standards.
  • Along with the nursing staff, participates in patient and family education, based on learning needs, abilities, leaning preferences, and readiness to learn based on age, level of understanding, and cultural norms. Educates directors, managers and staff in matters related to infection and disease transmission or prevention and in isolation procedures and Infection Prevention and Infection Prevention Plan activities.
  • Conducts patient inspection when requested by staff nurses, in regard to risk assessment of skin rashes, shingles, or other potentially communicable disease processes present on admission.
  • Compiles statistical database for reportable diseases. Submits data to the National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) per state regulations, and CMS requirements.
  • Examines microbiology reports of positive isolates to recognize trends, identify hospital acquired infections, and for statistical compilation.
  • Conducts retrospective and prospective chart audits to determine hospital onset or community acquired infection.
  • Instructs nurses, other clinicians, and ancillary staff members regarding organisms and associated risks to the environment, other patients, or staff members.
  • Completes rounds of clinical areas to identify patients who may have infections of epidemiological significance. During rounds of clinical areas, identifies patient care practices for compliance with acceptable Infection Prevention and Infection Prevention Plan measures.  (I.e.-hand hygiene compliance).
  • Participates in Department Director meetings as subject matter expert in the prevention and Infection Prevention Plan of infection(s).
  • Maintains a working relationship with contracted Hemodialysis Clinical Staff.
  • Reviews water samples for monthly water cultures of primary, secondary and portable dialysis water Reverse Osmosis and/or Deionized systems. Reviews water specimen for annual AAMI water quality standards testing. Reports all results of water cultures to the Infection Prevention Committees on a quarterly basis.
  • Works with Facilities Management to correct any malfunction or positive culture/assay result.
  • Works with contracted nursing staff to ensure annual dialysate AAMI water sample compliance.
  • Communicates patient care needs with physicians and plans for appropriate interventions.
  • Attends continuing education programs to maintain or enhance skills and knowledge appropriate for the position.
  • Adheres to The Joint Commission, CDPH, OSHA, CMS, and other regulatory standards.
  • Monitors staff compliance with Infection Prevention policies regarding the disposal of sharps and biomedical waste. Monitors staff compliance with required personal protective equipment. Monitors staff compliance with hand hygiene practices and provides reports to the Infection Prevention Committees.
  • Reports isolation activity and problems involving Infection Prevention and the Infection Prevention Plan to Nursing Leadership and the Infection Prevention Committees.
  • Implements and revises Infection Prevention plan and policies on an ongoing basis as needed.
  • Conducts annual review and revision of the Infection Prevention plan, establishing annual goals.
  • Maintains Infection Prevention patient databases (e.g. TheraDoc) in a HIPAA-safe method.
  • Compiles infection rates for surgical site infections, catheter associated urinary tract infections, Adult and neonatal ventilator-associated events, adult and neonatal bloodstream infections, C-Difficile infections, and other mandated infections. Reports monthly results to Infection Prevention committees on a quarterly basis.
  • Compiles additional statistics or risk factors for infection on an ad-hoc basis.
  • Participates with Plant Operations and outside Contractors in completion of the ICRA (Infection Prevention Risk Assessment) for all work within the confines of the hospital campus(s).
  • Conducts surveillance of all maintenance / renovation or new construction work to identify ongoing risks for patients, employees, and visitors to the facility.
  • Monitors posting of the ICRA permit on all construction/maintenance locations within the facility. Provides in-service education to construction crew regarding the infection risks to patients during construction and renovation.
  • Collaborates with Employee Health to maintain screening of workers (for TB, Flu or other communicable diseases) who will work within the hospital environment.
  • Maintains professional contact with government and research agencies regarding infectious disease Infection Prevention Plan.  Alerts hospital personnel when a new disease has been identified; and measures to reduce infection risk.
  • Notifies physicians when an inpatient has a known infection exposure.
  • Monitors environmental cleanliness of working areas and equipment in accordance with safety regulations and basic Infection Prevention principles.
  • Collaborates with Central Services to monitor efficacy of sterilization and disinfection methods, rate of immediate use sterilization, and documentation of sterilization logs used throughout the hospital campuses.
  • Monitors sterilization records and conducts audits of sterilization or disinfection processes throughout the hospital.




·         Minimum of 5-7 years’ experience in specialty with knowledge of epidemiology, microbiology, and principles of asepsis.

·         Other preferred experience: Five to seven years’ acute care experience; experience in education and statistical analysis desirable


Education/ License/ certification REQUIRED   

·         Bachelor’s Degree-Major: Nursing

·         If not required, education preferred: MHA·        

·         Current license to practice as a Registered Nurse in Texas or identified compact state

·        Current CIC Infection Prevention and Infection Prevention Plan Practitioner certificate

      Required Upon Hire (for certifications only: upon hire is defined as within 2 business days of start date)


IMPORTANT: All resumes must be submitted with a brief candidate summary that outlines the key qualifications required for this position as per the job description. Please showcase all skills and experience relevant to each requirement for THIS particular job. This write-up will be shared with the client along with the resume. Candidates without a proper write-up will not be forwarded to the client.

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