Dispute Analyst II
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Positions 2
Type Contract (6m)
Salary $14 - $23 /hr
High School
2-5 years
No - Will consider candidates that relocate on their own
Green Card ,US Citizen

Job description



Responsible for auditing telecom access bills to ensure validity of charges and initiate disputes where applicable. Detail oriented, previous invoice auditing and contract experience preferred. Show proficiency in auditing various legacy company netex bases and researching an array of systems, contracts and tariffs. Help drive savings and help the company meet it’s 2019 and beyond financial synergy goals. Proven data analysis skills with a working-level proficiency in writing queries (SQL, hyperion, OBIEE, etc.). Ability and interest in data rationalization and normalization. In other words, a successful candidate likes looking at data, drawing conclusions, and identifying and implementing action plans. Good working understanding of the CenturyLink network and access/netex space. Or for outside candidates, telecommunications industry experience is strongly preferred. Develop and maintain program and synergy project progress and status reporting. Help drive and measure integration synergies within the team and among stakeholders in the netex disputes space. Partner and readily collaborate with other stakeholders to identify and lead process efficiency improvements. Demonstrated capacity to focus and deliver on multiple objectives in a dynamic, multi-faceted, fast-paced environment. An ability to re prioritize and embrace change is a significant requirement. Excellent interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills. 2-4 years of experience. Office – Sits 5 to 7 hours per day.

**REQUIRED: some switched telecom knowledge**

Auditing experience preferred, needs to have previous experience analyzing data

We audit access invoices against billing. We look at orders, circuit design, contracts and tariffs to determine if this charge, we see on the bill is something we should be billed for and if so, what rate it should bill at.
The telecom experience is due to the types of services we audit. We must understand what a circuit is, what is looks like (can I mentally picture this), how it is provisioned, and then determine what rate elements apply. It’s a bit more complex than your usual billing analyst. It’s not checking to see if a vendor paid their bill on time and if not go out and call them to collect. It’s not checking for late payment charges, it’s more strategic.
We are looking for someone with switched telecom and network experience. Voice engineers, someone with capacity planning and traffic analysis experience. An understanding of trunks, SS7, minutes of use, switches.
Examples resumes:
• Detailed analysis, modeling, and reporting of critical network capacity values and traffic characteristics
• Matching minutes of use from a CDR to an invoice and comparing rates from invoice to contracts/tariffs
• Planning, designing, and implementing
• Switch engineer

We are seeing too much of this – don’t want to see
Keywords that assume sales/customer facing operations,
• Customer Care
• Customer Service Representative
• “Analyze” Clients needs
• Service Delivery
• Call center
• Data Entry
• Account Reconciliation
• Credit & Collections “Analyst”

Really need to scrutinize the word Analyze as it is applied on resumes. What context? Analyze what?
Some resumes do sound good on the surface; however, it is within the interview where you get an actual sense of what has been accomplished. This can’t be pre-determined.

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Medical, Dental, Vision, 401-K

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