Medical Technologist - Calhoun, FL

Blountstown, Florida, United States


  • Direct Hire
  • 1
  • Never
  • 2-5 years
  • Green Card, US Citizen

Job Description

The Medical Technologist performs laboratory tests to aid in diagnosis and treatment of disease.
Assists in the collection, processing, and analysis of test ordered by a physician. Medical
Technologists can recognize interdependency of tests and have knowledge of physiological
conditions affecting test results which are used by the physician to determine the presence, extent
and possible the cause of disease. Molecular experience is BIG plus not necessary!


1. Utilizes independent judgment in performing both routine and complex laboratory tests using a
variety of techniques, instrumentation, and equipment in order to assist the physician in the
diagnosis and treatment of disease. 

2. Exercises professional judgment in order to prioritize and evaluate varying test requests

3. Follow procedures for collecting and processing Biological specimens.

4. Performs analytical testing procedures with accuracy and precision.

5. Demonstrates scientific knowledge of testing principles, analytic procedures, and their results
allowing for appropriate interpretation in conjunction with disease and physiology. Integrates multiple
data to resolve problems.

6. Implements and monitors quality control, new equipment, and/or methods. 

7. Performs tasks efficiently and maintains work area.


Technical Expertise
1. Prior work experience in a laboratory setting including recent experience in multiple laboratory
disciplines is preferred. 

2. Experience working with all levels within an organization is required.

3. Experience in Lab, either or both hospital or private (generalist is preferred blend of both exp)

4. Some MS Office [Outlook, Excel, Word] or similar software is required. 


Education and Experience
1. Bachelor’s degree in Medical Technology or other science, with successful equivalent
experience in a laboratory and have one of the following certificates issued by ASCP or AMT or AAB
national certification.

2. Must have (state required Florida license) or applied for a temporary license (need to show proof)

3. Years of relevant experience: 2 or more years is preferred.

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