Senior DevOps Engineer

Newton, Massachusetts, United States


  • Direct Hire
  • 1
  • Never
  • 10-14 years
  • Green Card, US Citizen

Job Description


The Senior DevOps Engineer will play a key role in developing CI/CD pipelines for our applications and build & maintain our infrastructure for high availability, scalability, and performance. You will work closely with our Development and IT Ops teams to build this infrastructure using the most effective tools and methodologies including a high degree of automation.



·         Design, develop and support CI/CD pipelines for our applications.

·         Orchestrate the provisioning, load balancing, configuration, monitoring and billing of resources in the cloud environment.

·         Deploy applications to the cloud, leverage appropriate technology stack for high-availability, fault tolerance and auto-scaling.

·         Facilitate the development and implementation of DevOps best practices.

·         Create IAM user accounts and role-based policies for access to services.

·         Implement and maintain monitors, alarms, and notifications.

·         Work with Developers & IT Ops to migrate applications to the cloud.

·         Provide operational support to product development teams.

·         Performance analysis and capacity planning.



·         Bachelor’s degree in software engineering or equivalent.

·         10+ years’ experience with 5+ in DevOps

·         Experience with Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

·         Experience with Jenkins, Maven, Ansible, Docker, and Kubernetes.

·         Experience with Linux systems.

·         Understanding of Release Management and SRE (Site Reliability Engineering) practices.

·         Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills.

·         Good verbal and written communication skills.

·         Collaborative mindset to work with Developers and IT Ops and build holistic solutions.



·         Exposure to Java-based SAAS applications.

·         Familiarity with database technologies.

·         Exposure to AWS or Microsoft Azure

Questions from the employer

You will need to answer the following questions when you apply to this job.

  • How many years of experience do you have in DevOps?
  • Do you have experience in Jenkins, Maven, Ansible, Docker and Kubernetes?
  • How is your experience in Cloud migration?