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Learning management is an important aspect of employee development, and is often managed through a module within enterprise talent management software or delivered as a standalone tool for corporate HR departments.

In organizations, there are different learning and training programs that utilize a variety of tools including learning management software. These tools may be established to help train and develop employees and also help employees become more effective in their jobs. Compliance training is a necessary part of many organizations and human resources departments have to remain compliant by helping to establish processes that will get employees trained and ready to do their jobs. Examples of mandatory training for employees include regulatory training through which employees become aware of mandated regulatory procedures as it pertains to specific industries. Other types of mandatory training can include occupational health and safety training that is essential in keeping workers safe in hazardous working areas.

Learning management software may also be linked to performance management and review systems that indicate different training or coaching opportunities employees can benefit from. Where employees are lacking particular skills, it is important that human resources departments are able to effectively manage such knowledge gaps and provide the necessary resources to transfer knowledge. In some organizations, specific learning materials are customized and prepared for the organization. New hires may be required to take some learning management courses within the first few months of their employment. Such learning systems require adequate management to ensure the effective tracking capabilities have been set up and that the learning materials have been updated as necessary. Competency-based learning programs may also be established for use in the recruiting activities of the organization. These can include various types of competency and assessment tests.
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