Online Recruitment

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Online recruitment is a recruitment method involving sourcing candidates on the Internet. Most recently, recruiting on social networks has received the most attention.

Online recruitment is the process of using the Internet to actively seek out and recruit talented candidates for an organization. The Internet has quickly become one of the primary recruitment tools for both internal recruitment and talent acquisition committees and third-party talent search companies. With readily available public and niche electronic job boards, social media, specialized business networking sites, and other forums, the size of the potential candidate pool has increased exponentially for organizations everywhere.

The primary goal of Internet recruiting is the same as traditional recruiting: to find suitable talent to employ. However, this emerging recruitment tool is most frequently called upon for a quick employment solution if, after searching the corporate database for candidates, a recruiter is unable to find suitable talent.

In addition to the now conventional social networking recruitment tools, recruiters may find the use of more targeted association sites to help narrow the candidate pool and make sure efforts are not being wasted on uninterested parties. Local business forums, supported by a city or regional website, frequently have job boards hosting local businesses and may also keep member directories and contact information useful to recruiters. Industry sites typically have databases of resumes and direct discussion forums that can facilitate direct electronic contact with a candidate.

The trickiest part of online recruiting may be deciding the best way to introduce a job offer to a candidate. Many individuals may be currently employed or otherwise disinterested in new job listings. Bothersome emails from a recruiter may lead to complaints and a negative association with the represented organization. The most effective way to contact any potential employee is for the recruiter to stand in as an informational resource for the individual to give him or her reason to respond to your email. Offering material such as career advice, salary information and other data gives the recruiter added value as a contact point.

Online recruitment is often a practical and efficient way to find qualified candidates to fill positions in your business. This can be done by posting available positions on job boards and by reviewing candidate profiles. Websites designed to unite candidates with employers often prescreen applicants and check references before you even begin looking at those desiring to be hired.

By creating an online listing for your company you are ensuring that the position is seen by a larger variety of candidates than traditional newspapers, and is also a likely indicator that the applicant has at least basic computer skills. With an increased number of applicants you are creating a wider selection of employees to choose from, ensuring you are locating the best-qualified individual for the job. When browsing the profiles of potential employees you should be looking at references, employment history, and the overall quality of a resume. Because most applications and resumes are listed right on the web it also cuts down on the paper documents you need to keep track of in the office.

Online recruitment can also be done through a company website. Many businesses now offer an "employment opportunity" or career page section and have created an online application, which is sent directly to human resources personnel. These applications can be filed until an available position is opened and can be a great way to create a database of available workers before they are even needed.
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