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Online and social resumes are a bit trickier than standard resumes, as there are no standardized resume templates for social network profiles. It takes time and attention to build a strong, compelling personal brand and targeted professional profile. However, social profiles are a must for today's jobseeker, as they are not only a source for web identity, but also are in some cases the actual method by which you apply to a job with a corporation.

With the arrival of the Internet, most employers are now requiring that resumes be submitted electronically into applicant tracking systems, rather than faxed or submitted on paper. This practice saves potential employers a great deal of paperwork, but presents some challenges for job seekers.

First, when submitting a resume electronically online to a potential employer, the job seeker needs to check the job posting carefully to see if the employer is requiring a particular format. The most popular format currently is .doc, which is the old Word format from Microsoft Word 1997-2003, although there are some employers that will prefer other formats, including Adobe (.pdf) and ASCII (.txt). Nothing will get a job seeker rejected more quickly than failing to follow the directions in the job advertisement. Care must be taken to include relevant keywords and jobs in the resume, as recruiters will typically find an applicant's resume by performing searches within their applicant tracking system.

Second, many potential employers also take advantage of online resume databases and job boards, such as Monster, Career Builder, Dice, or Indeed. Taking advantage of these services, employers perform a search through the job resume database looking for possible matches. This practice requires the job seeker to try to include key words common to the position he or she is seeking in order to help the job resume database find that particular resume.

In addition to changing the way employers review resumes, the Internet has also made it possible for job seekers to post their resumes online, not just on database job searching systems but also on their own hosted web sites or through social media profiles. This change is particular helpful to those persons whose resume presentation will be greatly enhanced by being able to take advantage of the graphics and interactive capabilities that an online resume on a personal web site can provide. One example of a career where this would be helpful is that of web designer.

One thing is certain: in these times, a paper resume is not enough. A well-designed electronic, or online version of your resume combined and linked to a strong social media profile, is usually required for a successful job search.
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