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The workplace can be a strange place. Group behavior and thinking can lead companies to behave more like emotional individuals than a rational collective of minds. Much research has gone into organizational behavior studies, and the field covers a very broad range of disciplines. Industrial psychology, communication, and management theory all contribute to modern organizational study. Organizational behavior can refer specifically to a particular company, or be a generalized study of macro-economic movements involving multiple companies or industries.

Organizational behavior is defined as the actions and attitudes of individual employees or groups toward each other and toward the organization as a whole. It also takes into account how these actions and attitudes affect the performance, productivity, and basic functioning of the organization.

The goal for managers and Human Resource staff is to create a delicate balancing act between internal competition and teamwork. While there should be friendly competition among staff in order to foster an atmosphere of excellence and not of complacency, this should not go so far as to create tensions among a team that can ultimately lead to divisive behaviors and a loss of productivity. It is vital that all employees are aligned with company goals and values and that they have a common mission toward which they work and help each other for the good of the company.

Organizational behavior is very much a function and result of the atmosphere created through the development of a positive company culture. When starting from scratch this type of culture shift can take years to effectively implement, so patience and perseverance are important to maintain if the company is to follow through on the changing of the behaviors of the company and the employees. Human behavior is the basis of organizational behavior, and this is something which cannot be changed in a short period of time with a few ideas. This type of change in an organization requires careful planning and strategies as well as commitment from the top down on a consistent basis. If there is any question of the company's commitment to the behaviors it wishes to instill, the implementation of the strategy can be greatly hindered by employee perception.
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