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Service providers that help manage payroll, typically provide payroll processing, wage cost reports, direct deposit management, and other services, ranging in scope from full payroll outsourcing to simple consultation and set-up for self-directed payroll management.

Processing payroll matters can be a time-consuming and tedious task. Not only are a lot of paperwork and bank transactions involved, there are also different government regulations to comply with. As every employee has his own unique set of employment terms and personal circumstances, it requires great effort to keep track of all the employees and file the necessary papers. After all, filing late or error-filled documents can result in hefty penalties and fees.

Given the above, more and more organisations are now contracting payroll companies to assist with the management of their payroll system. Payroll companies are external service providers that handle a wide range of payroll and paycheck processing matters. The services they provide include (i) calculating employee wages; (ii) computing the necessary taxes; (iii) handling savings and account transfers; (iv) processing employee paychecks; and (v) generating job and project cost reports.

In order to fulfill all these functions, a payroll company will require access to employee wage information and the funds for deposit, though this often depends on the arrangement between the payroll company and the employer organisation. For example, some payroll companies make payments out of an account held by the organisation, while others make payments from their own account after the organisation has deposited funds into it. Given that the payroll company has access to sensitive information, it is important for the organisation to choose the right service provider.

By outsourcing such services, the organisation can save the time and resources which it can then re-allocate to more productive activities. Moreover, it can also tap on the expertise of the payroll company that has access to the latest best accounting practices and knowledge of the relevant compliance requirements.
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