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Specialized software for managing employee payroll is often needed due to the complexity, strict regulations, and importance of the task. The HR department will typically manage and use payroll software, although departmental management often inputs time and attendance. Payroll systems are often integrated into other HR software suites, such as those to manage appraisals, applicant tracking, and benefits management.

Payroll software is a form of automated system that allows the organisation to save time in managing its payroll matters, while also helping it to comply with relevant regulations. While there are currently various kinds of payroll software in the market, their general purpose is to help compute employee-related information such as employee salaries (together with increment changes and bonuses), personal particulars, attendance records, training records, insurance scheme and performance appraisal.

The software is also a useful tool for organisations to keep track of different kinds of employees on different employment terms (e.g. permanent, contract, hourly wage, etc.). Moreover, it also makes it convenient for the employees too by generating a standardized pay slip every month or at the end of the contact. The software usually also has useful reports like the various pay components, overtime pay breakdown and tax breakdown. Given that different countries have different accounting and tax reporting requirements, organisations that have multinational operations will find the payroll software an indispensable tool, making it so much more convenient to comply with the local government regulations.

A payroll software can be considered a capital investment that can greatly enhance worker productivity. The time and effort previously spent by HR staff trying to keep track of and compute various pay- or employee-related data, as well as to ensure compliance with government regulations, could now be reduced by the use of an automated system, which both streamlines and simplifies the entire work process. With regular updates to the software, the organisation also gets access to the latest HR best practices.
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