Business planning refers to the initiatives followed to develop a company's performance and is an important part of a company's recruitment process. An organization should pay proper attention to each of its infrastructural units to understand what better ways can be employed to encourage workers' performance.
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Such plans include amongst the various important considerations: improvement of workplace ambiance, employee management, asset organization and tax-reduction. Performance of a company or business depends on the output of its employees. According to employee's management rules, employee performance increases when they follow a planned working strategy. An established company must have a proper working plan for their employees. The term, employee planning basically refers to approaches taken for improving the workforce performance. A proper strategic plan helps a company to identify potential human resources.

Improving employees' performance includes two types of methods. The first method focuses on employee training. Job relevant training course is important to increase the skills and capabilities of individual employees. A training should be followed by review and evaluating the acquired skills. Job oriented training greatly helps in improving employee performance. As for workforce, training helps the employees realize the value of the work performed by them. The second method emphasizes reviewing a company's success plan. To have a successful plan, a company should consider the future requirements of its workforce. Human resource development plan will be helpful to understand the deficiency and requirements of the entire workforce. HR and employee management highlights importance of employee health plan, promotion packages, retirement plan, bonus and compensation. Job achievement like performance bonus, rewards is better idea to explore employee performance. These are the cost effective ways to improve workforce performance.