Founder and CEO

Fresh Meadows, New York, United States


  • recruiting
  • rpo
  • talent acquisition
  • customer experience
  • candidate experience
  • process improvement
  • global operation
  • strategic planning
  • partner management
  • outsourcing
  • service delivery
  • ...

About Me

My Recruiting Team addresses the pain points experienced by organizations in their daily search for top talent. Our mission is to take away this pain. We understand that recruiting managers are not the only cost to your organization. Agency, Social Media, Job Banks, and other fees result in additional cost that can be used instead to focus on your strategy, sales, and operations. We appreciate that you want to offer your external customers with a world-class customer experience and we are here to provide you with the talent that will enable you to deliver to your customer needs. Our recruiters are based in the local markets where you wish to be serviced. We strongly believe in hiring and empowering local talent who understand the demands and the dynamics of the local market. We do not outsource our recruiters overseas to save on our own costs as our goal is to provide you with a world-class talent base to save you time on making hiring decisions. Aside from our end-to-end recruitment services, we also provide you with Recruitment Helpdesk Support Services, where our certified helpdesk support agents will take away the pain of responding to every e-mail and to every phone call your team receives from potential candidates. In addition, did you know that recent stats reveal that 69% of employees are more likely to stay with a company for three years if they experienced great onboarding. Leveraging our Employee Onboarding Services, we will help you ensure that you have a robust and a bullet proof employee onboarding process. If you are skeptical about outsourcing any or all of your recruitment business, yet you still need help in improving your recruitment processes, policies, and procedures, then our specialized consultants at our Recruitment Center of Excellence (CoE) would love to assist you further. At My Recruiting Team, we want to be your trusted recruitment business partner.

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