Toddler Teacher

Haverhill, Massachusetts, United States HIRE THIS RECRUITER
  • RCP Certified


  • organization
  • teaching
  • problem solving
  • time-management
  • motivational

About Me

I am a well organized and helpful person that is very intersted in helping others get where they need to go and make a difference. I would say my specialty is childcare where i have a lot of backround in classrooms and knowing what classrooms need in terms of staffing and the energy and skills one needs to have to be in an early childhood classroom. i have also work in the Pharmacy for two years at CVS which was a 24 hour pharmcy. I am currently new to recruiting but as i have an open mind to learn and as i have been trained by the website i know i can become a great help and recruiter to those who need someone who is always positive and optimistic.

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