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About Me

WE as a company and as a person, has always valued integrity and work ethic. This reflects in the relationships we build with our executives and clients to the point we have shifted our model. We now work with highly desirable, successful executives first. After years of top talent checking back with us to see what the market has to offer, we decided to build a network to assist the executive. Each executive is pre-screened, qualified, verified, and motivated to move for the next step career opportunity. 90+ % are currently employed and love our identity protection format. With a ever growing network we are now working with sites like Recruiter to assist our executives. Current wheelhouse: We have a National footprint within Corporate Functions with an emphasis on HR, Marketing and Sales. We have deep run in Analytics, Inovations, Supply Chain, Strategic Initiatives, and many other roles. We work across many industries filling roles of Director through CXO. Our actively connected to passively-active, successful executives who define their desired next step opportunity. Feel free to contact me to discuss more

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