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Vishakhapatnam, State of Andhra Pradesh, India HIRE THIS RECRUITER
  • RCP Certified


  • Recruting
  • scheduling
  • credentialing
  • Healthcare recruitme
  • ITrecruitment

About Me

Experienced Recruiter in different industries. Total 4 years of experience in Healthcare recruitment which includes credentialing, scheduling, IT recruitment and non IT recruitment. 1. Analyzing resume according to the requirement.Sourcing candidates from different medias like job boards, LinkedIn, etc. 2.Candidate screening.Complete Credentialing for different facility requirements. 3.Effective review of Medical Immunization records and other licences / certifications. 4.Scheduling the candidates according to the facility requirements. 5.Able to handle different vendor management systems (VMS) like shiftwise, stafferlink, b4health, supplemental stafferlink, fieldglass. 6.Managed resource database systems like bluesky, hiringthing(prism). 7.Handled client calls, reference calls and client conference calls. 8.Worked as a Quality Analyst for different healthcare positions credentialing. 9.Identifying perfect assessments according to the candidates degree and speciality. 10.Submitting the profile packets according the client requirements.

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