New Kent, Virginia, United States

About Me

Abraham Lincoln is quoted as saying “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four hours sharpening the axe.” I first thoroughly dissect, evaluate, and research the description to ensure that I have a clear understanding of what I need to key in on during my search. After this I begin formulating advanced BOOLEAN strings that will yield returns on the best suited candidates. While performing these searches, I look for reoccurences and patterns in my results that can help me fine tune my search even more. I first search my own database before branching outwards and sourcing on job boards, google, and social media. As far as my screening process, I have found that the most important thing when engaging with candidates is offering a personal approach. Granted, recruiting is a numbers game where you want to cast your net out as wide as possible, but I never treat candidates like they are just numbers. So many people have had unpleasant experiences with unprofessional recruiters and I go to great lengths to ensure that every interaction I have with each candidate I come across is a professional and pleasant one. Unprofessional recruiters fail to realize (or don't care) that being unprofessional not only reflects poorly on them, but also on the company they work for. I take great pride in leaving long-lasting, positive impressions with everyone who I come across and being a positive extension of my employer as well. Another strength that I have is I am very well-versed in behavioral, critical thinking, and situational interviewing techniques. A good interviewer (such as myself ha!) asks open-ended questions and gets candidates to expand and dig deeper on certain answers that provide more insight into themselves, their attributes, and their experience. I believe there's somewhat of an art to screening. You want to find that sweet spot where the candidate is doing most of the talking but you are still controlling and navigating the interview. I am very successful in achieving this balance. Lastly, I do full-scope interviews. Personality and how well an employee would acclimate to an employer's culture is often just as important as his/her experience. When I'm done with interviewing candidates, I leave with not only a good understanding of them as an employee but also a solid understanding of them as a person.

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