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Independent Recruiter

Tewksbury, Massachusetts, United States

Human Resources and Recruitment Consultant

Westfield, Massachusetts, United States
  • RCP Certified

A seasoned Recruitment and Human Resource Consultant with experience across several industry sectors. With my background in Psychology, i have successfully leveraged my understanding of human behavior into better matches for candidates and clients. My career has also allowed me to gain hands-on experience on both sides of the table, as a recruiter and an employer, leading to greater insight and understanding of how critical the right hire is to continued growth and development of a business. I firmly believe that i can make a difference to your business and i cannot wait to work with you!

Chris Ambrose

Business Manager

Newton, Massachusetts, United States

Loise M.


Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Staffing Manager

Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Office Manager

Amherst, Massachusetts, United States

Sr. Director

Boston, Massachusetts, United States

I assist our CEO, Alan Graham here by connecting him with decision makers so that he can better inform people of what we are doing. I work with corporations letting them know that he too can offer Interim contract solutions direct. I also lead my team of Independent Sales Executives for the Search & Placement solutions. What I bring to the table is that connection that seems to be missing in the recruitment world these days and that is The actual Connection! What I mean by this is we focus on the talent and what their needs are, what they want out of a work experience and more. Without the right talent companies cannot thrive/be successful. I focus on this because this is what matters. We also focus on partnerships. Partnering with other consultants & recruiters is key for our growth. We believe that no matter how big a company gets, we cannot get there alone. We focus on quality relationships to help us achieve our goals.


Adams, Massachusetts, United States

Chris is an innovative business professional that has developed and executed marketing campaigns for diverse businesses. He has has a successful track record in consultative sales, recruiting and managing small businesses. Chris is a focussed, high-energy professional, a team player, with exceptional communication skills.

Recruiting Manager

Marlborough, Massachusetts, United States

Hard working & dedicated, driven to be the best. I don't like or make excuses, I look for & expect results. Always eager to learn & improve myself. Willing to share my knowledge with anyone. I want to listen to criticism so I can improve. I work hard to take care of my employer & there company as it was my own. I believe that together everyone achieves more. -28 years in the transportation industry. -25 years CDL driver -13 years Management experience -13 years recruiting experience -13 Management experience -25 years team building experience -25 years customer service experience


Webster, Massachusetts, United States

Executive Search Recruiter

Marblehead, Massachusetts, United States

Sr. Technical Delivery Manager

Lowell, Massachusetts, United States

17+ years of Technical recruiting, specializing in hiring high-end HW/SW consultants for Fortune 500 companies within the Medical Device, Bio-medical, Pharma and DOD industries. I have spent my entire recruiting career with Adecco. Initially I was a Recruiter in a branch then on-site recruiter at both Polaroid and Philips Healthcare Systems. For the past three years I have been a Sr. Technical Deliver Manager for Massachusetts Technical Office in North Chelmsford, MA. In my current role I support the recruiting, business development, sales and strategic initiatives of medical device/bio-medical/pharmaceutical and life sciences organizations within the Northeast region.

Senior Business Development Manager

Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Managing Partner

Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, United States

Hi there! My name is Bryan Dyer. I'm a veteran with 5+ years of veteran talent acquisition experience including civilian and military recruiting. I've worked for multiple Fortune 100 companies; including two Fortune 10 companies helping develop their military recruiting strategies, mentorship programs, and how best to leverage veteran talent in the manufacturing, operations, and technical leadership space. I'm incredibly passionate and focused on developing long-term student-veteran strategic programs that are standalone, giving veterans who complete their education a great opportunity in the corporate sector. I'm not a one - trick pony - most of my civilian recruiting experience revolves around manufacturing, operations, maintenance (tech and management), and executive sales leadership roles. I have an extensive medical (clinical and non-clinical) background that can be leveraged for both payer and provider sides. I have a background in sales, business development, but my recent focus has been deep-diving, sourcing, and developing permanent talent pipelines involved with Department of Labor, Non-Profits, and education systems within certain areas. I look forward to working with you all and driving a great customer experience! Bryan


Norwood, Massachusetts, United States

Managing Director

Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Jarvi Group is a contingency search firm that focuses on Technology, Creative, Financial and Executive search.

Hiring manager

Massachusetts, United States

Chief Executive Officer

Edgartown, Massachusetts, United States

Resource Manager

Marlborough, Massachusetts, United States


Merrimac, Massachusetts, United States