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Kinvarra, Connaught, Ireland

Rory is a partner at Flagship Management and is responsible for the company’s European programme. With over 20 years experience in the maritime industry Rory has worked in a diverse range of areas in the maritime and energy industries. His recent professional activity has included the provision of policy advice to the Irish government and the provision of specialist taxation advice to government representatives in Europe, the Middle East and South Africa. He was closely involved in the development of legislation for the introduction of the Irish tonnage tax, as well as supervising the development of shipping finance schemes and their proposal to the Irish Department of Finance. During his tenure at the Irish Maritime Development Office the Irish maritime industry experienced rapid and significant growth. Rory worked on the development of new legislation for the Irish Ship Register, the promotion of Ireland as a investment destination for shipping firms, support for Irish maritime companies expanding overseas, the development of maritime education in Ireland and the general management of the IMDO. Currently Rory recruits for positions across the maritime and energy sectors.

Matt Farrah


Connaught, Ireland

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Mohill, Connaught, Ireland