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Jacksonville, North Carolina, United States

Human Resources and Recruitment Consultant

Westfield, Massachusetts, United States
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A seasoned Recruitment and Human Resource Consultant with experience across several industry sectors. With my background in Psychology, i have successfully leveraged my understanding of human behavior into better matches for candidates and clients. My career has also allowed me to gain hands-on experience on both sides of the table, as a recruiter and an employer, leading to greater insight and understanding of how critical the right hire is to continued growth and development of a business. I firmly believe that i can make a difference to your business and i cannot wait to work with you!

Contract Recruiter - Executive Resume Writer

Gainesville, Florida, United States
  • RCP Certified

Hello and welcome to my online profile! My name is Shina and I am happy to assist you with your recruitment and job search needs. As a Recruiter and owner of a resume writing service, I am very familiar with applicant tracking systems (ATS) and how the job placement process works. It is a sad thing to see when qualified candidates get overlooked just because their resumes are not ATS-friendly. So not only do they lose out on the opportunity but employers often miss out on a dynamic new hire. When I work with candidates and employers, my goal is to always navigate through a targeted process to ensure both parties will be in proper alignment; and will be the most suitable fit for each other. I am not only an advocate for the employer but also for the job seeker, as it is very important to me that both the employer and candidate are truly a match and are happy with the outcome. My process is a thorough one because I take great pride in creating positive career matches. Great matches can change a life or even the success of an organization. I look forward to hearing from you.

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New York City, New York, United States

Senior Recruiter

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Midvale, Utah, United States

Managing Director

Tampa, Florida, United States

I am the Managing Director of GSC Consulting Group -- a specialist manufacturing recruitment agency with a different approach. We help business owners and leaders to attract the best manufacturing management talent in their market. We are problem solvers, growth drivers and career igniters. Our recruitment service suits business owners and leaders who are looking to work exclusively and retained with one point of contact who deals with the full process, saving both time and energy. Most roles which we recruit are key appointments or confidential in nature. We get to know your business inside out...the environment, the culture, the process, the strategy, future business name it we want to know as it allows us to get the right person first time. SERVICES PROVIDED: Hiring for: Automation Engineer | Plant Manager | Continuous Improvement Engineer | Process Engineer | Manufacturing Engineer | Director of Quality | Project Manager | Industrial Engineer | EHS Manager | Mechanical Design Engineer | Production Engineering Manager | Controls Engineer


Carteret, New Jersey, United States

I am a freelance recruiter working on starting my own recruiting company one day. I am a U.S Air Force veteran who hopes to work specifically with assisting other veterans getting out of the military, but also work with many other types of people (such as college graduates, junior entry-level folks, etc.)

Independent Recruiter

Houston, Texas, United States

Director of Operations

Baltimore, Maryland, United States

With more than a century combined in the field, our knowledgeable team is extremely connected. We have created thousands of mutually beneficial career connections, helping both companies and job seekers. Our recruiters have diverse experience in a variety of practice areas, lending to a dependable network. Recruiters and Human Relations professionals rely on us to screen and qualify highly competent candidates and industry experts. Because we work so closely with each of our job seekers, we understand not just their levels of expertise, but the personal traits that suit each company and its culture. We strive to identify the perfect candidate with the right specifications to ensure a long-term, fruitful partnership with each company.


Briarcliff Manor, New York, United States

Helping recruiters navigate the Job Market platform.


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Executive Recruiter

Lakeland, Florida, United States

At Direct Hire Connection, we select the top candidates to submit for review. We won’t just submit resumes of highly qualified candidates. We will take the time to get to know the applicants and make sure they are the right fit for each company. What I bring to the table as an Executive Recruiter: • Ability to build long term relationships with both the candidates and the clients • Ability to show a sense of urgency when placing candidates in time-sensitive roles • Ability to effectively communicate both in writing and oral form • Ability to present candidates’ narratives along with matching qualifications • Ability to be competitive in the recruiting market I specialize in the following areas: Accounting/Finance, Office/Clerical, Engineering, Construction Administration, Information Technology, Human Resources, Education and Sales/Marketing. Prior to becoming a recruiter, I had spent 20 years in education as a teacher and a principal. I have always been goal-oriented and competitive. I enjoy a challenge and I am especially excited to begin placing qualified candidates in other occupations outside of my specialization areas. Additionally, I just started my own recruiting business, Direct Hire Connection, in July 2017 and I am eager to take off in this new endeavor.

Area Project Manager

Silver Spring, Maryland, United States

Amen Professional Business Group is where Accounting and IT professionals meet projects. We work on private, government , and non for profit projects. All projects are done in teams regardless of the simplicity or complexity of the projects. Our professionals are tested and verified with multiple projects and continuing education along with state and federal licenses. We also enhance our skills through an intensive research and publications. Unlike most other business and IT firms, we just do not do the job but deliver.


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