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Danville, Virginia, United States

My niche is finding the "hard to fill" or challenging roles that aren't considered an easy recruit due to skill level or demand for them and offering them an opportunity as opposed to a job! I have two years of executive search experience that has allowed me to use the 7+ years of experience in Recruiting within agency and in-house experience as a corporate recruiter to my full advantage. I began my career in the recession and have noticed the tables turn dramatically that left many recruiters and hiring managers without the leverage of the demand that once allowed them to find success in tried and true ways. I specialize within the advanced manufacturing verticals and have a vast network of strong relationships that have developed from my ability to match up the end goal of both the talent and clients. I believe relationships are built from making sure that the opportunity serves 3 parties that are involved as opposed to only yourself- the recruiter. I have a passion for going out and "headhunting" the passive talent and using my HR skills to be professional and brand ambassador for the client. I have worked with small to medium businesses in developing strategies for long term success, making retention and succession planning as opposed to turnover and spinning wheels a thing that is attainable along with do-able when engagement is implemented. By serving as a face of the part of the process that companies rely on whether as a first or third party partner there are always core values that are first and foremost in my process. I am passionate and high-energy which allows my sense of urgency to provide the time to fill gap decrease. A partner in RPO is an investment that a great hire that grows with the company will see ROI on annually- year after year. I find that it is seen as the opposite leaving many with little faith and inability to streamline or trust the process. I do my best to show a different side and peace of mind in having someone that is committed to using the best practices continuously which drive results that are expected and appreciated in repeat- business due to everyone's growth.