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Smart Tech Apr 28, 2020
Talent Transformation: Automation, Upskilling, and the Rise of the Citizen Developer

Innovation is accelerating — and in many cases, businesses are struggling to keep up. New technology is advancing faster than employers can upskill and onboard employees, making it hard for HR and talent acquisition teams to keep their companies consistently staffed with all the right talent. Compounding the difficulties further, even the HR and talent acquisition functions are...

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Smart Tech Apr 15, 2020
The Hybrid Workforce Is Coming. Here's How to Become an Early Leader:

Automation has the powerful potential to streamline operations, modernize our workforces, and eliminate the most unappealing job functions. Despite these benefits, there is trepidation surrounding the deployment of artificial intelligence (AI) in business. Between the fear of job loss and the headlines focused on worst-case scenarios, AI doesn't always get a fair shake. Now that many...

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Smart Tech Mar 9, 2020
The Coming Years Will Be Tumultuous — Is Your Workforce Planning Agile Enough ?

On a monthly basis, the biopharmaceutical company Celgene's talent acquisition analytics team conducts a turnover and growth analysis that is compiled into a scorecard report. In parallel, a workforce plan is created along with predictive model overlays. The team pays special attention to anticipated headcount for the year, as well as month-over-month headcount changes. This continuous...

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Smart Tech Feb 28, 2020
Will VR Become the Key to Effective Employee Training and Development?

Employee training and development have long been top priorities for forward-thinking organizations. As continuously low unemployment rates drive increasingly fierce competition for talent, training and development are only growing even more indispensable. Given that there are more open roles than unemployed workers, chances are your competitors are actively looking to recruit some of...

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Smart Tech Feb 26, 2020
Don't Keep Your Candidates in the Dark: Adopting a Glass-Box Approach to Hiring Technology

Anyone who has applied for a job has spent part of the process waiting and worrying: Will I get the position? How am I being measured against other candidates? How will I decide if the company and role are the right fit for me? And there's a lot of time for all that worrying. The average hiring process takes 23.8 days in the US, but that number can vary widely based on location and...

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Smart Tech Feb 14, 2020
Great Hiring Tech for Less: 4 WordPress Plugins to Simplify Recruiting

What makes recruiting and hiring difficult? Simply sourcing qualified candidates can be a huge hurdle in this tight talent market — as can moving fast enough to assess, interview, and hire those candidates before competitors reach them. But often, businesses find their most insidious pain points emerge from the seemingly simple matter of logistics. For example, planning...

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Smart Tech Feb 12, 2020
How Can HR Help Prevent Cyberattacks? Educate Your Employees.

Some time ago, I was expecting a delivery. I got an email from UPS, opened it, clicked, and then realized the email was not, in fact, from UPS. It was a phishing email, a test from our IT security team at SecurityScorecard, and I'd failed it. Why am I telling you this? Because anyone — even the chief technical officer of a security-focused company — can fall for a social engineering...

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Smart Tech Feb 7, 2020
New AI Hiring Tools Are Helping Recruiters Peak Under the Surface of a Resume

What can you really learn about your candidates by wading through tons of resumes? Good recruiters know that a resume can only show you so much. A basic rundown of someone's work history isn't enough to determine a good fit, and if you want to learn more than that, you'll have to invest a bit of time into investigating the candidate on your own. And even after spending all the time, you...

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Smart Tech Jan 29, 2020
Building a More Modern ERP: How AI Is Changing Employee Referrals

Employee referrals have proven to be one of the most effective ways to source new talent — but chances are your company's employee referral program (ERP) was designed years or even decades ago. If your program isn't up to date with the latest technological advancements, that drastically limits your ability to source new candidates through referrals. One technology that is particularly...

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Smart Tech Jan 15, 2020
Is Artificial Intelligence the Key to a 4-Day Workweek?

Studies show that artificial intelligence (AI) could boost the economy and create more jobs than it eliminates going forward. Thousands of startups focused on applying new AI innovations and machine learning capabilities have sprung up around the world, and there is no shortage of investment capital. The economic opportunity is akin to the gold rush days of the 1800s. AI's biggest...

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Smart Tech Jan 10, 2020
The Machines Can't Make Your Hires: Why Recruiters Will Take a Step Away From Tech Aids in 2020 

Over the last decade, we've watched as hiring and recruiting processes have become largely automated. That's both a good thing and a bad thing. Who would argue that keyword-reading software didn't become an industry-saving necessity once sites like LinkedIn and Monster arrived on the scene, allowing every yahoo with a resume to apply to any job they took a shine to? But since then,...

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Smart Tech Dec 27, 2019
Revolutionizing the Employee Experience in 2020: AI, Hybrid Apps, Contextual Experiences, and More

Building the best employee experience has been a priority for companies everywhere in the last few years, and things are unlikely to change in 2020. If anything, thanks to some recent technological advances, the employee experience is likely to become even more of a key concern. Here are a few of the ways in which innovative organizations are poised to bring the employee experience to new...

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Smart Tech Dec 19, 2019
Personality AI: A New Approach to Artificial Intelligence in Hiring

With unemployment at a low of 3.7 percent, it's a buyer's market for job seekers. Recruiters certainly have their work cut out for them. The combination of a constant demand for talent and a short supply — not to mention the time pressures inherent to recruiting in a tight market — has driven significant investment in recruiting technology. Today, we have a plethora of tools available...

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Smart Tech Dec 18, 2019
Hiring Decisions Are Human Decisions: When It Comes to AI in Recruiting, Use Your Judgment

Recently, an application of artificial intelligence (AI) in recruiting received some attention, much of it negative. This particular application analyzes video interviews, judging — and rejecting — candidates based on facial movements, speaking voice, choice of words, and other factors. While automation that helps recruiters source and evaluate talent is a welcome development, we...

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Smart Tech Dec 17, 2019
5 Ways to Optimize Candidate UX, a Chronically Overlooked Aspect of Recruiting

When it comes to designing the recruiting process, employers tend to focus mostly on their own needs, less so on the candidate's. While the hiring process must help a company attract top talent, a truly great recruitment process is one that also works for the candidate. For a recruiting process to really deliver powerful results, the candidate's user experience (UX) must be optimized. If...

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Smart Tech Dec 13, 2019
It's Time to Embrace AI as an Integral Part of Your Company's Future

With the US unemployment rate currently sitting around 3.5 percent, identifying and securing high-quality talent is one of the main challenges the recruiting industry faces. In a market with more job openings than unemployed job seekers, there is no time to waste when it comes to filling positions. And yet, nearly half of employers say filling a job today takes longer than it ever has in...

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Smart Tech Dec 12, 2019
The HR Innovator's Mandate: Invest in People Analytics to Deliver Data-Led Strategy

According to a report from Mercer, 98 percent of organizations have started down the road toward digital transformation of HR — and not a moment too soon. From the platforms they use to get work done to those they use to engage with their employers, technology pervades the life of the modern worker. For organizations, the proliferation of workplace tech means more access to more...

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Smart Tech Dec 11, 2019
Keep It Simple: The 4 Secrets to Building a Winning HR App

Mobile apps are on the rise. The global market value of mobile apps stood at around $106.7 billion in 2018, and that figure may rise to $407.31 billion by 2026. Apps have become integral to the way we manage our daily lives, and the world of HR is no exception. Over the past few years, there has been a noticeable surge in the number of apps designed to support the activities of HR...

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Smart Tech Dec 6, 2019
5 Key Reasons HR Pros Need to Understand Data Analytics

We have more employee information available to us today than ever before, and that's a great thing. Data analytics is vital to performance management, leadership development, and finding talent. No wonder 71 percent of companies see people analytics as a high priority, according to Deloitte. I have been in leadership and management roles for more than 15 years. I've worked with...

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Smart Tech Nov 22, 2019
Win the War for Talent: 3 Technologies That Will Change the Way We Hire

The traditional landscape of recruitment is transforming. In the past, technological advances have made elements of the recruitment process quicker and less manually taxing. Rote tasks like scheduling interviews, collecting resumes, and drawing up skills matrices to match applicants to jobs can all now be performed at the touch of a button. Today, however, recruitment technology...

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Smart Tech Nov 15, 2019
Planning Makes Perfect: 4 Best Practices for Planning Recruiting Events

Being a part of the hiring team for your organization is an exciting and daunting experience. It's rewarding to have a hand in molding the future of your company, but making a hire is also a major decision with a lot riding on it. If you're also planning, attending, or hosting a recruiting event, the stress can be even greater. A lot goes into getting a recruiting event off the ground...

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Smart Tech Nov 13, 2019
Younger Workers Crave Instant Gratification. Here's How to Give It to Them Without Causing Distraction.  

Gen. Z workers want immediate access to data that shows them how they're performing. That's one reason many companies — like Accenture, Microsoft, and Adobe — are doing away with traditional performance reviews. Annual cycles are just way too slow for today's workers, among other problems. Younger workers have grown up with expectations of instant gratification. They're used to...

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Smart Tech Nov 1, 2019
To Address the Gender Pay Gap, Look at the Numbers

In September, the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) chose not to renew an Obama-era policy that helped collect data regarding employee wages and pay. This data had been fundamental in detailing the discrepancies between salaries earned by men and women and proving the gender pay gap actually exists. The EEOC's decision highlights just how crucial data and analytics are when...

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Smart Tech Oct 30, 2019
4 Ways to Streamline Your Social Recruiting With the Right ATS

Ten years ago the idea of using social media for anything other than posting cat videos seemed silly. But now? Social media has become one of the most powerful platforms for sourcing and recruiting top talent. Social recruiting might have seemed like a fad when it first hit the scene, but experts agree it will continue to play a key role in hiring at least into 2020. To stay competitive...

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Smart Tech Oct 29, 2019
Employees Trust Chatbots: '[email protected]' Study Opens the Door for Recruiting Reinvention

The latest advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are fast becoming prevalent in business operations across industries, transforming the relationship between human beings and machines in the workplace. As people move from fear to excitement concerning AI, the time is ripe for recruiters to realize the benefits of AI for the talent acquisition function. The recent...

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Smart Tech Oct 25, 2019
Mobile Employee Engagement: What It Means for Your Frontline Employees

Consider this: Anyone over the age of 12 was born after the iPhone was released. A study of Generation Z's mobile habits found that 25 percent of them received their first smartphones before the age of 10. While millennials have been mobile pioneers, Gen. Z-ers are mobile natives born into an era of constant connectivity. They are used to immediate feedback in the form of likes and...

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Smart Tech Oct 18, 2019
Get to Know Alexa — Before She Takes Your Job

Alexa sits on my counter. Officially, the product itself (a "smart speaker") is known as Amazon Echo. Echo connects to Alexa, a "cloud-based voice service," according to Amazon. Amazon named her "Alexa" after the Great Library of Alexandria in Alexandria, Egypt, one of the most important libraries of the ancient world, a font of knowledge and information. I originally bought Alexa as a...

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Smart Tech Oct 11, 2019
The Best Online Sources for Remote Team Members

In need of a marketing expert to build your brand? Looking for a copywriter to create content for your website? Wish you had someone on your team who could build you a brand new website? Regardless of what you need, there are remote workers all over the world who could get the task done for you. But is hiring a remote employee the right move for your business? The answer to that...

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Smart Tech Oct 8, 2019
Your Conversational Recruiting Strategy Can't Succeed Without a Strong Knowledge Management Foundation

In a recent article here on Recruiter Today, Justin Moodley of LASANAN shared his advice to new recruiters: "The talent acquisition professionals who spend more time their candidate pools tend to have a better sense of how their candidates could fit in and excel at our organizations." In contrast, Moodley explains, more mechanical, hands-off recruiting processes typically bring in poorly...

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Smart Tech Sep 20, 2019
Stand Out to Top Talent With These Social Recruiting Best Practices

With the US unemployment rate hovering around 3.7 percent, recruiters today are tasked with the challenge of sourcing talent in a highly competitive, candidate-driven market. To successfully source and attract candidates in this difficult environment, recruiters must make the most of the resources available to them. Social media is one of those resources. According to a SHRM survey, 84...

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Smart Tech Sep 18, 2019
The 3 Keys to a Successful, Sustainable Career in IT

The current mantra is, "Everyone should learn to code." The problem is most people interpret that to mean "Everyone should become a programmer." Like many professions, programming takes a certain combination of talent and skills that not everyone possesses. For example, when I (Cal) was younger, I decided I wanted to learn to play the guitar. My parents bought me one, and I started to take...

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Smart Tech Sep 6, 2019
Get Your Job Ads to Rank on Google With These SEO Tactics

When employers post job ads, they have high hopes they will attract qualified applicants. However, that does not always happen. Often, unqualified job seekers will apply without even understanding the role. There are even instances, although rare, where the employer doesn't receive a single application at all. Finding the right candidates isn't just a matter of asking the right...

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Smart Tech Aug 30, 2019
Is Text-Based Recruiting Taking the 'Human' out of 'Human Resources'?

A good first impression at a job interview used to consist of a polite smile, a firm handshake, and stylish business dress. Today, your first impression may be based solely on how well you reply to a recruiter's incoming text message. My advice? Go easy on the emojis. In a bid to save time, a new wave of recruiters are choosing to make initial contact with candidates by SMS text instead...

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Smart Tech Aug 29, 2019
In an Age of Ethical Business Dilemmas, Women Leaders Should Be in Higher Demand

As women, we're told to lean in, to be direct, to do our best, to ask for what we want, to establish strong networks, to depend on solid mentors — and then what? We'll rule the world, apparently. But let's face it: That's not happening. We're doing our best and yet, percentage-wise, very few of us are in the upper echelons of leadership. Less than 10 percent of Fortune 500 companies are...

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Smart Tech Aug 27, 2019
When — and How — to Hire for Personality Instead of Skill

The needs of your company are constantly changing — sometimes even before you realize it. The best way to handle these changes successfully is by building a workforce comprised of employees who can fearlessly face change head-on. Unfortunately, courage in the face of change is not something you can teach, at least not directly. Employees who know how to anticipate and adapt to challenges...

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Smart Tech Aug 23, 2019
The Panel Question I Wasn't Expecting: A Closer Look at How Technology Changes Company Cultures

While sitting on a panel at a recent HubSpot event, I was asked a question that made me stop and think. It was a simple, but powerful, question: "How will technology impact the future of work?" The question took me by surprise, largely because the panel's topic was company culture. However, the more I think about the question, the more I see it makes perfect sense: The proliferation of...

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Smart Tech Aug 16, 2019
A Step-by-Step Guide to Buying HR Software, From Building the Business Case to Maximizing ROI

Any business leader, regardless of function, has to be able to select and implement the right tools to accomplish their personal and organizational goals. However, buying HR technology (or "WorkTech," people tech, talent acquisition (TA) tech — whatever you want to call it) can be particularly difficult. There are many vendors, internal stakeholders, and general pitfalls you need to...

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Smart Tech Aug 9, 2019
The Consumerization of the Job Hunt: How Recruitment Marketing Automation Makes Life Easier in a Candidate's Market

Contemporary job seekers are more like consumers than they used to be. Furthermore, the vast majority of quality candidates are not actively seeking employment at any given moment, and in order to reach these folks, you need to provide personalized attention in multiple places at once. These are all significant challenges, but recruitment marketing automation (RMA) can be an incredibly...

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Smart Tech Aug 9, 2019
The Dos and Don'ts of Mobile Recruiting

Mobile recruitment is no longer a nice-to-have strategy — it's a must. Among today's job seekers, 89 percent see their mobile devices as critical to the job hunt, and 45 percent use their phones to search for jobs daily. It's clear that candidates now expect to be able to research, find, and apply to jobs from a mobile device, and that means any recruiter without a solid mobile...

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Smart Tech Aug 8, 2019
Get Buy-In From the Boardroom: 6 Ways to Calculate the ROI of an ATS

When looking for the applicant tracking system (ATS) of your dreams, it's easy to imagine it will make all your hiring headaches disappear. You know it will save you a ton of time and money — but can you prove it? Numbers have a way of speaking louder than words. Here are some simple formulas to help you calculate the ROI on your ATS and win over your executive team: 1. Cost of an...

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Smart Tech Aug 5, 2019
Is HR Failing to Close the Tech Skills Gap?

The apparent ubiquity of flashy work perks like communal ping-pong tables, kombucha on tap, and unlimited vacation days has many employers worried about outcompeting other organizations to attract, recruit, and retain the workers they want. However, on-site workout classes and Pizza Fridays aren't the top drivers bringing in talent. In fact, today's employees are much more interested in...

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Smart Tech Aug 2, 2019
Employees Prefer Images: Here's How to Make Your Onboarding Process More Visual

Released in June, the "Internet Trends 2019" report from technology investment firm Bond came with a clear message: People love visuals. According to the report, the number of people sharing and consuming images and videos through online platforms like Instagram and Snapchat has climbed year over year since at least 2010. People aren't just increasingly visual in their personal lives...

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Smart Tech Jul 26, 2019
How Modern HR Technology Makes a Difference in Finding and Retaining Great Employees

Finding and keeping great employees is a challenge. In fact, according to McKinsey, 82 percent of business leaders don't believe their companies recruit highly talented people; among those who do believe they recruit top talent, only 7 percent believe they can retain these employees. How do you recognize which candidates will become long-term A players? What determines a candidate's...

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Smart Tech Jul 24, 2019
Keep the Trendy Perks — Your Employees Would Rather You Spend the Money on Tech That Works

From communication to organization, in-office comfort to customer service, advances in tech are taking our work live to new levels of efficiency. Of course, new tech can also be a disruption if you don't know how to leverage it properly. Employers would do well to study the emerging trends sweeping across workplaces in every sector. That way, they'll be better positioned to adopt new...

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Smart Tech Jul 22, 2019
As the Net Promoter Score Falls From Grace, So Does the Employee Net Promoter Score

This year has been the Net Promoter Score's (NPS) moment in the shade. The popular metric for measuring customer satisfaction got a drubbing this May from the Wall Street Journal, which noted that while corporate America may be obsessed with the NPS — often using it to determine bonuses and guide investment decisions — the metric's accuracy is "dubious." Forbes, too, chimed in with an...

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Smart Tech Jul 15, 2019
10 Effective Technologies to Make Recruiting Easier

Welcome to Recruiter QA, where we pose employment-related questions to the experts and share their answers! Today's Question: What tech has helped you the most in your recruiting and talent management, and why has it been so effective? The answers below are provided by Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), an invite-only organization of the world's most successful young...

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Smart Tech Jul 5, 2019
Research Says You Might Be Scared of New Recruiting Trends and Tools

Companies thrive on innovation — not only to ensure their products and services are on the cutting edge, but also to attract top talent. Job seekers are drawn to companies that use the latest technology trends and tools because they know these employers will give them the resources they need to do their best work. Yet when it comes to recruiting technology, companies are often reluctant...

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Smart Tech Jun 28, 2019
5 Metrics That Tell You Whether Your Recruitment Marketing Strategy Works

In today's hyper-competitive job market, it is extremely difficult for a company to stand out without a strong recruitment marketing strategy. But how do you know whether your recruitment marketing campaigns are paying off? With data, of course! Data, in this case, means recruitment metrics. Metrics are the key to showing you where the ROI is, where the budget is being wasted, and...

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