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The hottest trend in recruitment has for years been social recruiting, which involves sourcing and hiring people through popular networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. With the most dramatic launch of a website in history, Google Plus debuted in 2011. Recruiting with Google Plus is sure to become a common skill for recruiters to develop.

LinkedIn is for professional use. Facebook is for social networking and communication with friends. Twitter is for real time news and status updates. So where does Google Plus fit in?

The answer is, it may not have to. Google Plus launched and instantly had millions of members. Google can promote the G+ social network throughout its network of websites and Web services, some of which are the most highly-visited sites on Earth. By integrating Google Plus Profiles deeply throughout other services like Gmail, Google Search, and Google Docs, Google may not have to develop that "killer" feature within Google Plus to inspire rapid use. Rather, the new social offering has a chance to become the source for overall Web identity that has so far eluded any technology company.

Google Plus, in its approach to profiling, immediately developed the capacity for job titles and companies. With a strong focus on user profile development (versus only status updates and sharing), Google Plus is a natural resource for recruiters. Recruiting with Google Plus will involve searching and sourcing candidates through Google's social network. Recruiters interested in online recruitment and social recruiting sourcing should begin to develop their connection networks. It should be noted that the "Circle" function within Google Plus has strong potential for use by recruiters, as they can share jobs with highly specific groups of professionals and not clutter up their main social stream with job postings, as they are forced to with Twitter.
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