5 Important Questions You Need to Ask Global Talent

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CompassRecruiters are feeling the strain of a tough hiring market. Skilled talent is hard to come by, and employers are looking to new talent pools to fill positions. In fact, 25 percent of respondents in ManpowerGroup’s “2014 Talent Shortage Survey” said they are searching for new talent sources.

To find the talent you need, it’s time to start thinking globally. That being said, hiring international talent presents new challenges. Among them is the interview. How do you schedule interviews with people who live across the globe in dramatically different time zones?

Thanks to technology, international interviews no longer have to include pricey plane tickets. You can interview global candidates with the power of video.

Video-interviewing international candidates is all about getting to know them on more personal levels, giving you the opportunity to learn things you can’t learn from their resumes alone.

Here are some questions to ask international candidates during video interviews:

1. What’s Your Favorite TV Show? Tell Me About It.

Ok, this one’s a warm-up. Although video interviews are becoming more common, they may still be foreign to a lot of candidates. While 47 percent of candidates who had experienced video interviews preferred them over phone interviews, 67 percent of those who had never done video interviews said they would rather interview by phone, according to a survey published by Software Advice in January.

If you’re conducting a two-way video interview, it’s a good idea to start with something light and playful to make the candidate feel more comfortable. In the best-case scenario, you get the candidate to relax and open up after you bond over your shared love of Game of Thrones. In the worst-case scenario, you learn about some cool international shows that might be worth checking out.

2. What Top Three Things Do You Expect From a Workplace? From an Employer?

When hiring international candidates, finding the right cultural fit is especially important. Not only do you have to worry about finding the right personality fit for the company, but you also need to consider cultural differences when it comes to work. Candidates may interact with coworkers and employers in different ways and may be used to different workplaceCrosswalk practices.

Use this question to get a better sense of what the candidate is looking for and whether or not they could make the transition and thrive with your company.

3. Why Do You Want This Job?

Although this question is pretty standard for traditional interviews, it takes on new significance when your are video interviewing international candidates. If the position requires relocation, you want to make sure the candidate is serious about the move and passionate about the company and position.

Without that passion, everyone loses. The relocated employee will soon become disengaged and miserable, and you don’t want a candidate to uproot their lives for no reason — let alone lose a team member because they weren’t the right fit.

4. Tell Me About a Time You Worked With a Team to Complete an Assignment. What Role Did You Play?

Teamwork is an important quality in any employee, but it is especially critical for international candidates who will need to adjust to new countries, new cultures, new jobs, and new teams.

Asking a situational question will offer more insight about the candidate and their work history. Their answer will help you understand how they behave in group situations and whether they’re more of a leader or a follower.

The question can also help you identify candidates who prefer to work alone. These candidates might not perform as well, because they will need the help of their teams to adjust to the new workplaces and their new lives.

5. What Was the Biggest Challenge You Have Faced at Work so Far? How Did You Overcome It?

When hiring international talent, you need to find candidates who face challenges head-on and don’t give up easily. Taking a new job in a new country will turn the candidate’s life upside down, and you want to be sure they won’t crack under the pressure.

The candidate’s answer shouQuestion Markld indicate that they’re resilient and look at obstacles as opportunities to learn and grow professionally.

Hiring candidates without meeting them in person may seem like a risky move, but asking the right video interview questions can help you find the right international professional for any job.

What do you ask international candidates before you hire them?

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