6 Types of Toxic Employees – And What to Do About Them [Infographic]

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Bad hires cost a lot – as much as $50,000 per hire, by some estimates.

And bad hires don’t just cost you money. They can also damage team morale, leading to lower productivity and employee engagement levels. They also waste your managers’ and HR department’s time: The more bad hires they have to deal with, the less time they can spend on tasks that further the business’s mission.

In a new infographic, Towergate Insurance runs down six common types of bad hires:

  1. The Uncooperative One
  2. The Procrastinator
  3. The Office Clown
  4. The Gossiper
  5. The Short-Tempered One
  6. The Avoider

In the infographic, Towergate doesn’t just describe who these employees are – it also outlines the warning signs that you may have one on your hands and offers some tips on addressing these employees if they’ve made it into your workplace. Check it out below:

Toxic Employees

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Matthew Kosinski is the former managing editor of Recruiter.com.