ACI Specialty Benefit’s Corporate Wellness Program Expands

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checkACI Specialty Benefits has expanded and is now using innovative, cutting-edge user tools to be better accessible, increase engagement, and reduce costs. The new CORE wellness program is based on a personalized program for each employee depending on individual needs and desires. Various initiatives are used and programs are customizable for maximum results.

Erin Krehbiel, ACI Senior Vice President of Marketing, states, “The CORE Wellness expansion is an exciting opportunity for clients to reap the benefits of a cutting-edge program that goes beyond ‘Wellness 101′ incorporating all the tools and accessibility of Smartphones and the Internet, along with the personal touch and motivation provided by one-one-one coaching.”

Access to the new customized online portal is available around the clock. At the portal, employees can view the Personalized Wellness Dashboard and tailor their wellness plans to meet their goals. The portal includes logs for diet, food, and exercise so progress can be tracked continually.

Krehbiel adds, “The enhanced program accentuates the most effective aspects of the highly-successful AppleCore Wellness program while evolving and introducing fresh new tools geared toward engagement and results. The fundamentals of the CORE wellness program allow ACI experts to provide real outcomes for clients while providing ongoing program calibration to ensure optimal program success and continue positive momentum.”

Additional features include wellness coaching using phone, email, or Skype, incentives, health seminars, and tobacco cessation programs. Founder of ACI Specialty Benefits, Dr. Ann Clark, remarks, “By going above and beyond typical wellness programs and offering a comprehensive tool for all clients to track customized wellness goals, build personalized diet and exercise plans, engage with health professionals, and much more, the CORE Wellness program allows ACI experts to focus on analyzing tangible results—and producing tangible returns.”

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