The Apply with Linkedin Button Arrives

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Apply with LinkedinWhen we last wrote about the new Linkedin button for applying to jobs, it was really just a rumor. Now, it’s here. But even when it was just a rumor, people were busy theorizing and making predictions about Linkedin’s new service.

  1. Apply with Linkedin Button: ”Linkedin could become a web standard instead of a website.”
  2. Mashable: Linkedin to Launch Job Application Button: “LinkedIn has long dominated the professional corner of social media. Integrating itself further within the jobs space is a smart move.”
  3. Fast CompanyThe “Apply With LinkedIn” Button Will Not Disrupt HR Industry: “Instead, it seems, it’s really just a glorified resume-submission tool.”
  4. GigaOM (they broke the story): Exclusive: LinkedIn to Launch Job Application Tool: “Job recruitment is a lucrative but decentralized industry, so it makes sense that LinkedIn is working to become a more deeply ingrained player on both the employer and applicant sides of the space.”
  5. ForbesLinkedin is About to Put Job Boards (and Resumes) Out of Business: “Job boards and traditional resumes are going to fade faster than I even predicted!”

Linkedin appears to be positioning the tool as a way for employers to get more passive candidates. Their website’s first branding message is that “Now it’s easy for candidates to apply to your jobs using their LinkedIn Profile” and that employers might be able to receive job applications from candidates that don’t have their resume done yet. This is a smart strategy for Linkedin. Instead of emphasizing data portability or the social graph, the message is instead a Nike-esque “Just do it.” They are emphasizing simplicity, ease of use, and positive candidate experience.

With many of the major recruiting software systems already integrating with the new system, the new Apply with Linkedin button may have immediate, dramatic impact. Already SmartRecruiters, Jobvite, Bullhorn, PeopleFluent, and Jobscience clients can implement the new Linkedin application system. Linkedin also shows Taleo, Lumesse, and Kenexa on board for near term integration. These major applicant tracking systems represent a good portion of the employers in the Fortune 1000, so candidates and recruiters can expect to see the new technology feature widely implemented in the very near future.

Employers can hope that the new Linkedin apply button simplifies application and attracts a passive, quality candidate pool to their jobs. However, perhaps more interesting than the employer side is the candidate’s side. The new development offers to centralize the job application process for the candidate. If widely adopted by leading employers and recruitment firms, people will be able to access their applications through one centralized platform. It would offer convenience and consolidation to an often fragmented and disjointed experience.

In a press release, Linkedin’s CEO Jeff Weiner stated, “In this challenging jobs environment, LinkedIn’s ability to connect talent with opportunity at massive scale is more essential than ever. Apply with LinkedIn is the next phase of our open platform effort and we hope an important catalyst in creating economic opportunity for our members.” The Apply with Linkedin button seems to be an important step in Linkedin becoming a web standard for professional profile data. We can hope that this march towards standardization brings with it simplification to the job posting and job application process.

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