Heather Kleist

Heather joined Widen in 2014 to solely lead the human resources department. She manages all aspects of HR, including culture, recruitment, benefits, and compensation. Heather also takes pride in organizing employee volunteer events and finding employment opportunities for adults with intellectual disabilities. Based in Madison, Wisconsin, Heather has 10 years of HR experience and holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in management and human resources from the University of Wisconsin.

The Innovators February 19, 2020
The Upside of Ethics: An Ethical Workplace Is a Creative One

Discussions about ethics at work tend to focus on the negative. Notoriously unscrupulous companies like Enron and Theranos often come up. Researchers survey rates of bribery, sexual harassment, theft, and other misconduct. Rarely do we discuss how ethics can inspire beautiful, transformative behavior. I'd like to change that. Creating an "ethical workplace" isn't just about minimizing...

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