Jeannette McClennan

Jeannette McClennan is the founder and CEO of the digital technology firm The McClennan Group. She has held C-level positions at five companies and has spent her career defining and developing innovative products and services essential to revenue attainment and business growth. She has developed digital products and services for AARP, Oprah, and Vanguard, among others, and is the coauthor of "Innovators Anonymous: Seven Steps to Get Your Product Off the Ground."

Success January 14, 2020
The Right Ask at the Wrong Time: 3 Mistakes People Make When Seeking a Promotion

With the start of a new year, you may be looking to breathe some new life into your career. Perhaps you've even begun building a case for why you deserve a promotion — and you may be absolutely spot on about that. However, in your enthusiasm, it's easy to overlook key steps crucial to the process. If you want to land a promotion, you'll need more than just passion. You'll need a...

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Smart Tech August 29, 2019
In an Age of Ethical Business Dilemmas, Women Leaders Should Be in Higher Demand

As women, we're told to lean in, to be direct, to do our best, to ask for what we want, to establish strong networks, to depend on solid mentors — and then what? We'll rule the world, apparently. But let's face it: That's not happening. We're doing our best and yet, percentage-wise, very few of us are in the upper echelons of leadership. Less than 10 percent of Fortune 500 companies are...

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Success July 3, 2019
What You Really Want: How to Test-Drive Your Passion

When I was growing up, the world wasn't as rife with career advice as it is today. Back then, it really amounted to this: Get a job! So I did. Actually, I got two jobs. If making some money was good, making more was better, right? In the past few decades, we have been hit with an avalanche of career how-tos. It's an exciting development, but it can be difficult to sift through all the...

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The Innovators April 2, 2019
Get to Know Your Employees With This Purpose-Generating Tool

With every new hire, you hope that it will be a good match — and a lasting one. One way to ensure that happens is to get to know your employees as whole people. In my work for AARP, I helped create an innovative tool that allows your workforce to develop individualized purpose statements. These weren't simplistic statements like "My purpose is to be happy." Rather, we relied on the...

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The Innovators February 20, 2019
Support Older Workers to Support Your Bottom Line

Consider this scenario: An employee of yours is reaching 65. They have been with the company for decades. You could always count on them through thick and thin, and now they're going to walk out the door, because as far as they know, that's the only option they have. This situation is quite common, but it's more damaging to organizations than you might think. If you were to do some...

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