Julie Shenkman

Julie Shenkman is an experienced marketing and communications manager at Nexxt.com, a talent solutions technology company. Julie has been writing about the recruitment space for more than 15 years and has an interest in branding, public relations, content creation, and digital marketing. She is an advocate for the Oxford comma.

The Innovators August 2, 2022
Talent Communities Could Solve the Stresses of The Supply Chain

Since March 2020, the topic of supply chains has been hot, and one supply chain that's crucial to the world of HR is people. And the people that make up a company's talent pipeline are their supply chain! With an increase in people retiring, the prioritization of work-life balance, and surges in COVID-19 variants over the last two years, top talent is hard to find. But maybe that...

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Inside Recruiting September 4, 2015
Did It Just Get More Difficult to Be a Recruiter at Amazon?

Now that the dust has settled regarding the New York Times exposé of what it's like to work at Amazon, did it just get more difficult to be a recruiter at Amazon? The Times piece, which ran a few weeks ago, made the online merchandiser out to be a scary place to work. Amazon was portrayed as the kind of place where long hours are the norm, total commitment is expected, and conflict among...

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Get Hired September 1, 2015
Top 5 Reasons Why HR Pros Disqualify Candidates

In a recent survey of HR professionals conducted by Beyond, HR pros revealed that it is harder to find qualified candidates today than it was six months ago. Is it harder to find candidates because it's now a candidate's market, or is it because employers are being too picky, disqualifying great candidates too early in the hiring process for committing forgivable mistakes? According to...

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