Kazim Ladimeji

Kazim Ladimeji is a Chartered Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, and has been a practicing HR professional for 14 years. Kazim is the Director of The Career Cafe: a resource for start-ups, small business and job seekers.

4 Types of Interviewer Bias – and How to Eliminate Them

Interviewer Bias Every interviewer has their own biases, which can lead to unfair hiring decisions. Learn how to identify and eliminate four common types of interviewer bias when you are hiring. Also, as a job seeker with this information, you'll be able to present yourself in the best light possible, combat biases, and increase your chances of getting the job you want. Interviewing...

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Get Hired April 1, 2022
4 Great Questions to Ask Your Potential Colleagues During a Peer Interview

If you're like most job seekers, you've probably attended at least a few interviews by now. But have you ever participated in a peer interview? Peer interviews are a great way to learn more about the company and potential colleagues. Not sure what to ask? Here are four questions that will help get the conversation started. Although hiring managers and HR reps are the most visible members...

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Success May 13, 2016
How to Get Promoted Quickly – Without Destroying Your Work-life Balance

Millennials tend to care more about work-life balance than Generation X does, but it's not because millennials are short on ambition; they just have a different kind of ambition. Resarch from Bentley University tells us that millennials actually want successful, high-paying careers. In fact, three-quarters of them want to strut their stuff in major corporations at some point. However,...

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Success May 12, 2016
4 More Ways to Reduce Work Overload

Yesterday, I talked about the unfortunate state of professional life for many workers today. The majority of Americans are putting in 47 hours a week or more, which has led to poor work-life balance and increasing levels of burnout for many. To help workers combat this state of affairs, I offered four tips that can go a long way in helping you lighten your workload. In case those tips...

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Success May 11, 2016
4 Ways to Deal With Work Overload

At a time when work-life balance is all the rage, many unfortunate workers are still locked in depressing, overburdened grinds. The average work week today is 47 hours, and 21 percent of Americans work between 50 and 59 hours a week. A further 18 percent of Americans work 60+ hours a week. As if that weren't bad enough, increasing numbers of workers are not taking their paid time...

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Get Hired May 10, 2016
4 Ways to Get Back Into the Workforce After You've Been Fired

Getting fired can be one of the best things to ever happen to you. Sure, it rarely feels good at the time, but in many cases, being fired can be the kick in the pants that you need. Think about it. Were you disengaged, bored, and/or frustrated prior to being fired? If this was the case – and it's likely that it was – being fired is a chance to drag yourself out of a career hole you...

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The Innovators May 9, 2016
5 Design Tips to Help You Invigorate Your Office Environment

If you have generous financial backers and overflowing coffers, office design is a piece of cake. Just hire some designers and consultants, and presto: a brilliant work environment. Problem is, only about 15 percent of entrepreneurs secure funding from angel investors and venture capitalists. Most startups operate on shoestring budgets financed by personal savings and bank loans. That...

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Get Hired May 6, 2016
Want to Be Happy at Work? Find a Job With a Great Boss

It's great that we now have powerful job search engines that allow us to look for positions that meet all our desired criteria. From titles to required skills, locations to salaries, you can punch in almost all your needs and find the job that's right for you. However, there remains one vitally important criterion that job seekers can't search for: the personality of their future...

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Get Hired May 5, 2016
How to Put Your Video Interview Face On

Thirty percent of employers now use video interviews during some part of the interview process, which means modern candidates need to be ready to communicate effectively in this format. Sadly, you can't rely on your face-to face-interview skills to excel during video screening. Studies show that video interviews have a "personality-dampening" effect, so candidates need to work harder...

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The Innovators May 4, 2016
3 Ways to Get Employees and Clients to Spread the Word About Your Startup

It's easy to be sucked in by the allure of cutting-edge online marketing methods, especially given the fact that 59 percent of small businesses get their clients via SEO activity and 33 percent get them through social media. However, while online marketing is an important way to market your business, it's not the only way. Actually, it's not even the best way. In fact,...

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Success May 3, 2016
It's Week One, and You Hate Your New Job. What Do You Do?

It sucks, doesn't it? You started your new job with off-the-chart expectations, only to find that it was one huge mistake. Maybe the work is not what you expected, or you don't get along with the boss, or you just hate the company culture. Whatever the cause of your woes may be, you have a problem. Fortunately, it's a surmountable problem – one that you may be able to solve...

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Get Hired May 2, 2016
5 Things You Can Do If You Are Not Getting Interviews

Talent shortages get a lot of press these days, but we should not forget that, despite all the talk about dwindling numbers of candidates, there are still plenty of job seekers out there who find it hard to get interviews. It's well documented that unemployed applicants find it much harder to get jobs than their employed counterparts do. It can also be a struggle for people returning...

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