Laura Pierson

Laura Pierson is a former English teacher who now works in the Human Resources Recruiting department of a large Fortune 500 company. She is passionate about recruiting, employee benefits, and employee relations. In her spare time, Laura is a freelance writer and blogger for FreeResumeBuilder.

Job Hunting Survival Guide: Tips for the Recent College Grad

Are you or someone you know about to graduate from college? Have you start job hunting yet? It's springtime and this is the ideal time to start looking, if you haven't already begun your search. Ideally, you have a few college jobs and internships under your belt. But even if you don't, these tips should help you get started in your search for your first job after college. Attend...

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Networking: Still the Best Way to Get Hired

Ever since I started working in a recruiting office, I get questions such as, "What's the best way to get a job?" "How do I get into that industry?" or "Who should I contact about a position at your company?" The last thing anyone wants to hear is, "Apply online." Why? Because online you can easily become number 498. Networking is still the number one way to find a job. Many...

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Fight for a Higher Salary

Salary is one of the most delicate topics today. How much do you ask for? How much is too much? How much is not enough? According to the Economic Policy Institute, entry level male workers with a college degree made only 57 cents more in 2011 than their equals in 1973. In 1973, the average male college graduate made $21.11 an hour. That number rose to $23.47 in 2000, but later fell to $21.68 in...

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Job Hunt: How to Conceal Your Age

Ageism is rampant in our economy. Older employees are often laid off, discharged, and overlooked for promotions or new jobs. Hiring managers will often say an older candidate is "not a good 'culture fit'" or "over experienced."  But what they really mean is, this candidate is too old and we don't want to risk hiring someone who might retire, ask for too much money, or get sick to...

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The Importance of Employment Contracts

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the first definition of "contract" is, "A mutual agreement between two or more parties that something shall be done or forborne by one or both; a compact, covenant, bargain; esp. such as has legal effects." What is an employment contract? An employment contract defines the rights and responsibilities between two parties, naming one the...

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Can You Get a Job via Facebook or Twitter?

Can you get a job via Facebook or Twitter? Absolutely! I landed my current job thanks to Twitter. I still remember telling my computer-wary coworkers about how I found my job. They were baffled. "Twitter?" they said, "You found this job through Twitter?" Five years ago in 2007, when I first started using Twitter, it was mostly used by forum enthusiasts, youtubers, and big time gamers....

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Job Hunting for Culture Fit

What is corporate culture? Corporate culture describes the atmosphere and mix of people who work at a particular company. The corporate culture at a high achieving accounting firm may be strict and formal. Working hours might be longer than usual, the employees may comprise of mostly workaholics, and the atmosphere will probably feel intense. On the other hand, a start-up social media company may...

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What Happens to Your Online Application?

Let's say you just found a great job online that fits your skill set. You follow the website's instructions, and you submit your application and resume online. After you click the final "Submit," button, you sit and wait for something to happen. So what really happens to your online job application? Your profile enters a website portal or applicant tracking system such as iCIMS, where...

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What College Grads Don't Know About the Working World

Many recent college grads leave the halls of their classrooms with a fresh, eager zest for the working world. Many send resumes to multiple job openings, attend job fairs in their spiffy new suits, and go to interviews expecting both the best and the worst. What recent grads don't know is that the working world is way different than college. It's also way different than it was ten years...

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5 Quick Ways to Get an Interview

 1. Attend Job Fairs One of the quickest ways to get an interview is to attend a job fair. Last year I received three job offers. All three were offers were from recruiters I had met at job fairs. At job fairs, you can meet dozens of recruiters in a short amount of time. Bring at least twenty resumes and business cards, if you have any. Recruiters like to see candidates who come prepared....

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