Lee Biggins

Lee Biggins is founder and CEO of Resume-Library, one of the fastest-growing job boards in the states. Lee is a pioneer in online recruitment and has worked in the industry for more than 20 years.

Inside Recruiting September 25, 2019
Are You at Risk of Making a Bad Hiring Decision?

According to the US Department of Labor, making a bad hire can cost you — 30 percent of the employee's salary, to be specific, although that number can easily climb depending on position, seniority, and industry. This is an astonishing price that can have a massive impact on businesses of all sizes, yet many companies are still at risk of making bad hiring decisions. In part, that's...

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Inside Recruiting February 5, 2019
Gauging the Talent Landscape: The Top Challenges and Priorities of Recruiters in 2019

Resume-Library recently conducted a survey of more than 300 hiring professionals to better understand the challenges they're currently facing, their priorities for the year ahead, and the new technologies they believe will shape the future of our industry. Here are some of the key recruiting and hiring trends to look out for this year, based on the results of the report: Top...

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Smart Tech October 26, 2018
4 Innovative Trends in Online Recruiting

With the unemployment rate sitting at a steady low, many companies in the US are no longer able to rely solely on incoming applications to fill their roles. There's more pressure to be proactive in your hiring efforts than ever before, especially if you want to source the best talent. While proactive hiring may sound like a lot of work for talent acquisition pros, the good news is new...

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