Maren Hogan

Maren Hogan is a seasoned marketer and community builder in the HR and Recruiting industry. She leads Red Branch Media, an agency offering marketing strategy and content development. A consistent advocate of next generation marketing techniques, Hogan has built successful online communities, deployed brand strategies in both the B2B and B2C sectors, and been a prolific contributor of thought leadership in the global recruitment and talent space. Hogan speaks and writes on all career and workforce related subjects. Her clients include Fortune 500 companies and SMBs around the globe. Red Branch Media was formed in 2006 as a simple consultancy. Today, the firm is a full-service B2B Marketing Agency that serves clients in the U.K., Africa, China, Israel, Europe and North America. Primarily focused on the Human Resources and Global Workforce vendors, Red Branch Media handles clients of all shapes and sizes.
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Smart Tech June 6, 2019
The Big Data Curse: Is TA Tech Actually Making Recruiters' Jobs Harder?

Sometimes, the issues that plague people in talent acquisition (TA) are unavoidable and really, really hard to solve. But there's one problem — one of the most common TA challenges of all — that we brought on ourselves. In fact, talent acquisition technology created the issue in the first place. I'm talking about the ever-ballooning times to hire that most if not all TA pros...

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Smart Tech April 29, 2019
Explaining AI: What Talent Acquisition Pros Need to Know About Machine Learning and More

With artificial intelligence (AI) progressing by leaps and bounds, there has been a lot of talk about what it all could mean for the way we work. These conversations have been especially persistent in industries like recruiting, where key processes have long been very focused on human-to-human activity. AI can offer solutions to many of the most common challenges recruiters and hiring...

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Smart Tech February 8, 2019
The Very Real Dangers of AI — and How HR Tech Vendors Can Fight Them

After working with a lot of organizations in the recruitment artificial intelligence (AI) space, one thing I've realized is that HR and talent acquisition pros are not necessarily welcoming these tools with open arms. In fact, many of them are actively against using AI for recruiting and hiring until some of their fears can be addressed. One fear people often cite is the fear that AI...

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Success December 28, 2018
How to Not Suck as a Speaker: 15 Ideas

When I was in eighth grade, I gave the commencement speech at my middle school graduation. I practiced hard, wrote and rewrote, selected my outfit, and delivered a powerhouse speech. Everyone from the teachers to my peers thought I'd surely pursue some sort of career in public speaking. As the years wore on, however, I gravitated more toward writing. It started with creative writing,...

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The Innovators September 5, 2018
4 B2B Product Marketing Offers to Help You Capture an Audience

Even in the world of B2B, a good offer holds incredible sales and marketing power. While special offers are ubiquitous in all sales and marketing verticals, the types of offers that work well in B2B are slightly different from those that work in B2C. Here four types of offers to consider for more effective B2B marketing: 1. The Time-Based Offer The time-based offer is a QVC mainstay....

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Success July 25, 2018
Telecommuting Tips: How to Make Working From Home Less WTF and More FTW

Jennifer was a rising star in her department. She was an eager and effective worker, going from intern to coordinator in a matter of just 18 months. With her new position came the opportunity to work from home a couple of days a week. After bragging to all her friends and setting up her home office, Jennifer began her work-from-home adventure. In less than six months, Jennifer was...

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The Innovators July 11, 2018
8 Benefits That Actually Stink

In general, employers offer benefits because they are trying to make life better in some way for their employees. That sounds so obvious it shouldn't need repeating, but the fact is that it's not too uncommon for organizations to end up offering benefits that cause more problems than they solve. When benefits blow up in an employer's face, the repercussions extend beyond that particular...

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The Innovators July 4, 2018
Whose Line Is It Anyway: Should HR Answer the Culture Question Alone?

Recently, some folks have started a conversation about why more startups should invest in HR departments. They usually make the case that HR is good for culture. As someone who has written about HR for 15 years and run a company for eight, I can tell you that most organizations don't start an HR department until they have to. HR is usually a reactive measure, spurred by ramped-up...

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Inside Recruiting June 29, 2018
Humble, Honest, and Hungry: The 3 Hs of Hiring

While skills are important in a new hire, it's easy to train for them in most cases. What are not so easy to train for are what I call the three Hs of hiring — and a new hire who lacks these traits will not succeed, no matter how skilled they are. I have hired my share of folks, and many of them have worked under my direct management, so I know whereof I speak. And what are these...

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Inside Recruiting June 18, 2018
Employer Branding on the Cheap: 8 Things You Can Do for Next to Nothing

The Employer Brand Forum is a Facebook group specifically for professionals who are responsible for employer branding efforts. Below, we collect some of our favorite dirt-cheap employer branding tips from members of the group. Check them out for inspiration that won't break the bank: 1. Ask Employees to Create Videos Having your employees make videos about their work is an easy, fun...

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Smart Tech June 11, 2018
Why One Company Uses Online Dating Data to Predict Team Performance — Accurately

As a digital marketing agency with a focus on HR tech, we at Red Branch Media go bananas for companies that share our ambitions and ideals around workplace inclusion, productivity, and engagement. Recently, we came across quite the unique team at Saberr, a people analytics company based in the UK. Founder Alistair Shepherd built the company with one idea in mind: Together, people are...

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The Innovators May 9, 2018
Flexibility: The One Thing All Professionals Can Agree On

When the iPhone 6 Plus was released, you may recall that it raised a certain furor. I am talking, of course, about "BendGate": the tongue-in-cheek name given to the multiple reports of iPhones physically warping in the pockets of their owners. While there were a lot of opinions on how much the phone's physical malleability affected the quality of Apple's products and reputation,...

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