Noelle Murphy

Noelle Murphy is part of the content creation team at Red Branch Media, a full-service marketing and advertising agency that specializes in the HCM market. Noelle writes on all subjects recruiting- and HR-related, but specifically enjoys writing about wellness and workplace happiness.

Inside Recruiting May 14, 2015
The Pros and Cons of Millennial Employees: Yay or Nay?

As with any business transaction, there are pros and cons to weigh when it comes to hiring a millennial. Some of the common myths about millennials that make recruiters hesitate to hire them include: millennials lack the drive to put in the extra hours; millennials have no work ethic; millennials don't respect authority; and millennials don't really want to "grow up" and join the...

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Smart Tech May 13, 2015
Swipe Right to Recruit Your Next Candidate

Just as we share files through the virtual pipelines, we want (and need) recruitment software to be easy and efficient. Following wider trends in the consumerization of technology, members of the HR field now demand quick and simple platforms. Attention spans are shrinking, and recruiters, candidates, and HR professionals are not immune. As a result, many would rather adopt "plug and...

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Smart Tech May 12, 2015
Why Paperless Onboarding Rules

According to research from the Aberdeen Group, only 21 percent of companies said improving the candidate experience was a top priority for 2014. And yet, turnover and employe engagement are huge problems. Could great candidate experiences and proper onboarding help solve these problems? Every handshake, smile, paper signed, and mission statement read is part of the first impression a company...

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4 Reasons to Hire a Millennial This Year

There are currently three generations in the workforce: millennials, 40 percent of whom are still "school-age," meaning that more will enter the workforce with each college graduation cycle; baby boomers, 1,000 of whom are retiring each day; and Gen. X-ers, who make up 20 percent of the current workplace. As of this year, millennials are the largest generation in the workforce. That means...

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Get Hired April 30, 2015
4 Tips on Prepping for a Video Interview

In 2012, OfficeTeam asked 500 HR managers about their use of video technology in the interviewing process. Fifty-three percent of respondents said they use video "very often" in the interviewing process, and a further 10 percent said they use video "somewhat often." As video interviewing becomes more and more prevalent, interviewees must learn to adapt to this new method of interviewing....

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Inside Recruiting April 23, 2015
How Your Employer Brand Speaks to Candidates

Most of us aspire to social acceptance -- so much so that we tailor our personalities in order to be seen as 'likeable' by select audiences. We wear certain styles of clothing, speak a particular vernacular, and act in specific ways to fit in where we'd like to fit. Job seekers take similar approaches to their job opportunities: they want to be employed by companies where they fit,...

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Success April 22, 2015
A Millennial's Guide to Maintaining Happiness in Their Career Choices

When was the last time you had a checkup? And I don't mean from your physician -- I mean a career success checkup. After all, only 30 percent of workers ever land their dream jobs. You might as well take a moment to figure out whether or not you're one of them (or could become one of them). Start With Your Life Plan Life plans are helpful guides for those looking toward their bright...

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The Innovators April 9, 2015
How to Implement a Powerful Employee Recognition Program

Employee recognition is more than just a way to stroke egos: it helps the success of your company as a whole. According to a report from Aberdeen Group, 37 percent of "Best-In-Class companies" say social recognition tools boost collaboration, recognition, and individual performance, and they act as a key driver of employee engagement. Do you have an employee recognition program? If not,...

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Get Hired April 8, 2015
4 Fantastic Practices to Consider Before Your Next Interview

It's 2 A.M., and you've finally settled into a cozy dream world after hours of tossing and turning. It's the night before your big interview with a potential employer! "NOOOO!" Just a few hours later, you jolt awake in a cold sweat. You had a nightmare that you grabbed your interviewer's hand for a firm, business-like handshake and forgot your own name! Interviewing can be...

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The Innovators March 30, 2015
Why Recognizing and Rewarding Your Employees Matters Most

Many of us have heard the expression, "They didn't quit their job, they quit their boss." While this holds true for 3 out of 4 employees, we have to ask: aside from addressing a terrible boss, what can be done to keep employees in the office engaged, motivated, and inspired? Let's start by looking at what enticed the job seeker to come to your organization in the first place: 94...

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The Innovators March 23, 2015
How to Manage Freelancers

"I offered Richard the service of my Free Lances, and he refused them ... thanks to the bustling times, a man of action will always find employment," Sir Walter Scott wrote in his classic novel, Ivanhoe. Scott (allegedly) coined the term "free lances" to mean people with no particular allegiance who would sell their services to anyone -- and thus, we get the modern word,...

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Get Hired March 6, 2015
Reduce Job-Seeking Anxiety, One Session at a Time

According to the Department of Numbers, 8,979,000 people were unemployed in January 2015. Everyone needs to make money in order to survive in society, so what is it that keeps some of the population from obtaining jobs? The answer varies from person to person. According to Demetrius Cheeks, writing for Forbes, some job seekers limit their opportunities because they have low self-esteem,...

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