Ravin Carr

Ravin Carr, Chief Commercial Officer at GBS (the creator of FewClix for Outlook), is passionate about conceptualizing and creating simple, effective and easy-to-use technology solutions that address people's every day productivity challenges. Ravin's focus areas are communication, collaboration, learning, and effectiveness. In his spare time, he loves to write and speak about these and other challenges.

Smart Tech June 18, 2015
Teach Your Employees About Career-Boosting Email Habits

If there's one element of the workplace that is common to us all, it is email. From CEOs to interns, we are all email users. In fact, the recent "FewClix Email Time Suck Survey" conducted by Kelton Global found that the average American spends 90 minutes with email every day! Pew Research found that 61 percent of professionals view email as a "very important" workplace...

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