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Inside Recruiting June 22, 2022
The Best Guide to Recruiting Outbound Messaging for Startups

We've talked about job postings and sourcing candidates, but you also need to know how to do outbound recruiting effectively. Posting a job where active candidates are searching for a position, or leveraging social media or referrals for sourcing, will, in essence, take care of itself. However, you have also sourced a list of potential passive talent, so you need to start "marketing" the...

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Inside Recruiting June 17, 2022
How Recruiters Should Spend Their Time During a Hiring Freeze

What do you do if you are a recruiter and your company is on a hiring freeze? How do you spend your time? While it's tempting to hang out and watch Nextflix all day, there are many ways you could be improving your process. When the hiring freeze is over, the hiring managers will have all kinds of positions that they want to fill. However, you may potentially have fewer resources than...

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Smart Tech June 13, 2022
I Tried Recruiting With AI and Here's What Happened

A few years ago, we interviewed Saunghee Ko about using our AI software. She graduated from Princeton University and entered the business world. Before that, she interned in HR and recruiting departments in past summers, and while she liked it, she learned pretty quickly that the space had a lot of room for innovation. So, she went into the job search to find an innovative role in top talent...

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Inside Recruiting June 10, 2022
The Essential Guide to Sourcing Candidates for Startups

If you're a startup in the process of building a pipeline of candidates, you might find it difficult to find candidates that meet your job requirements. A startup must acquire talent to achieve growth goals. Finding candidates might be the most challenging part, especially where you have a job market where the number of jobs outweighs the number of job seekers. This is where having a good...

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Inside Recruiting June 7, 2022
25+ Statistics About Data-Driven Recruiting From the Greenhouse OPEN Conference

In 2019, we attended the Greenhouse OPEN conference, where 1,000 Greenhouse clients and talent acquisition professionals spent two days talking about strategy, tactics, and the rapidly changing landscape of the talent acquisition ecosystem. We were particularly interested in the topics and themes focused on data-driven recruitment to learn how some of the best companies in the world...

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Success June 2, 2022
A Guide to the Essentials of Writing Job Descriptions for Startups

The job description defines the role and the responsibilities for your startup job opening. Talent acquisition is the key driver of startup success. As a startup company, it is vital to embrace the latest best practices and technologies to drive your recruiting processes, and it starts with developing a compelling job description. Developing Job Descriptions A survey from the...

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Inside Recruiting May 27, 2022
The Ultimate Guide to Hiring the Best Sales Reps

Are you having difficulty hiring sales reps at your company? Are you looking to expand your company but don't know where to look? Are you unsure of what questions to ask candidates in an interview? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may need some help recruiting the right salespeople. We sat down with Mike Manzi to discuss best practices in his sales recruiting process....

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Inside Recruiting May 17, 2022
A Guide to the Essentials of Startup Recruiting

"We've established our company, we've started an upswing in growth, time to hire, but it's hard to find, sign, and onboard talent." Is this something that you're familiar with at your startup? This is a critical issue for any small company beginning to expand staff to hire top talent? And it can be the difference between success and failure. Even established companies are having problems...

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Smart Tech May 10, 2022
The Best Companies Are Embracing Data-Driven Recruiting – Are You?

With unemployment rates starting to recover after the COVID-19 pandemic, it's natural to assume that employers are experiencing a challenging recruiting environment. The Great Resignation is also causing issues with hiring. While it can certainly appear daunting, taking this assumption at face value misses an equally crucial recruiting metric. The other key market trend to consider is...

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Smart Tech May 3, 2022
Will Artificial Intelligence Take My Recruiting Job? All You Need to Know About AI

A recent Gallup survey stated, "The media have reported extensively about the potential for Artificial Intelligence (AI) to eliminate large numbers of jobs across the U.S. economy, and Americans agree, with more than seven in ten saying AI will eliminate more jobs than it creates." What does that mean for a recruiter? Is this the beginning of the end? Will a machine be posting job...

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Inside Recruiting April 18, 2022
Contract Recruiter

Contract recruiters are talent acquisition and recruiting consultants who work on a contract, time basis instead of a traditional "headhunter" type fee structure from staffing agencies. Contract recruiting may be considered a form of recruitment process outsourcing or RPO. A contract recruiter will typically work on assignments on an ongoing basis, or until such time that the hiring needs are...

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Corporate Recruiter

Corporate recruiter interviewing a candidate The corporate recruiter is a critical, but often overlooked position in any company. They are responsible for more than just finding great talent; they must also write job descriptions and screen resumes while interviewing candidates that can fill their open positions — all without forgetting about onboarding processes and effective...

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