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Roz Bahrami is a blogger for https://SkyPrep.com, an online training software for companies to train employees and measure results. Roz is a regular contributor to blogs related to corporate training, L&D, and HR technology. I also have my own personal blog on TrainingConnoisseur.com
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Smart Tech April 7, 2016
Keep Your Managers Mobile With These 4 Apps

A generation ago, workers would smile when the boss announced plans to be away for a few days. That generally meant a few unsupervised days during which employees wouldn't have to worry about management breathing constantly over their shoulders. Today, however, the boss's vacation time doesn't provoke such euphoria. That's because managers have learned to go mobile, thanks to a slew of...

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Smart Tech January 18, 2016
How to Use Mobile Apps for Your Recruitment and Candidate Marketing

Thanks to advances in the tech sector, the process of finding, recruiting, and hiring great candidates in the labor market has been accelerated in recent years. Social media, for example, has made it a lot easier for companies to identify and reach out to candidates. The adoption of social media in the recruiting process has gone hand and hand with another development: the rise of mobile...

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Smart Tech July 8, 2015
What Employees Want From Your Learning Management System

Once associated with compliance training and the somewhat dreary task of onboarding new employees, learning management systems (LMS) are currently being reinvented as employee engagement tools. And given how disengaged much of the global workforce is these days -- according to Gallup, only 31.5 percent of U.S. workers are engaged in their jobs -- some might say this reinvention is long...

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The Innovators June 10, 2015
How to Create a Culture of Innovation

Every CEO from Connecticut to California urges their team to "think innovatively," yet few companies go the extra step to offer specific programs that create cultures of creativity. Often, the burden of promoting innovation falls onto the human resources department, as if innovation were some kind of magical process that could be initiated via a seminar or two. Of course, that isn't the...

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The Innovators June 1, 2015
How Informal Learning Can Enliven a Workplace

Traditionally, when employees needed to learn new skills, they took part in formal training sessions. Employees would dutifully sit for hours on end in cramped rooms,  listening to instructors drone on and on about what they needed to know. Today, a number of innovative companies are actually building informal learning opportunities into their training strategies as a way to help...

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Success May 19, 2015
How to Heighten Your Negotiation Skills

The late British Prime Minister Winston Churchill once illustrated his approach to negotiation via a story about building up the British naval fleets in preparation for war: "The Admiralty had demanded six ships; the economists offered four; and we finally compromised on eight." It's a great anecdote, but it isn't, in fact, a great example of the art of successful negotiation. That's...

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Smart Tech May 8, 2015
How to Use e-Learning to Boost Productivity

As the pace of change picks up for corporations worldwide, it becomes more and more important for employers to ensure that their employees are poised and ready to meet new challenges. A key way to do just that is by leveraging e-learning. On the Upside Learning blog, senior marketing communications manager Pranjalee Thanekar reports on the latest trends in bringing learners together...

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Top 4 Mistakes Organizations Make in Corporate Training Programs

In recent times, training has become much more than a chance for employees to develop skills. In fact, track records of effective training and development have become the cornerstones of the most powerful and attractive employer brands. Research from PwC shows that 65 percent of millennials -- who will become the largest generation in the workforce this year -- cite training and development...

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Smart Tech April 2, 2015
5 Ways to Reduce Costs of Corporate Training

Corporations must now pile more and more pressure on their internal learning and development (LD) processes in order to train underqualified and under-skilled workers. Why? Because the hiring process is failing to bring fully qualified talent through the door, thanks to chronic global talent shortages. A CareerBuilder study found that 49 percent of employers are planning to hire...

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Smart Tech March 25, 2015
4 Great Hacks to Get Your Boss to Invest in HR Technology

We are in the midst of a technological boom, with new gadgets and tools constantly arriving to refine, improve, and elevate existing processes. While it's exciting to see all this progress, there are many frustrated HR professionals out there who struggle to get investment in HR technology initiatives. These pros are forced to sit and watch from the sidelines, working with a confusing mix of...

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Smart Tech March 18, 2015
4 Ways to Get Reluctant Staff to Adopt Your New HR Software

We live in an exciting world of business software, one in which it seems there is a new exciting piece of technology coming out every day. It's a world where consumers and journalists are constantly raving about the next big thing. As an HR professional, however, you may find yourself brought down to earth with a bang when you invest in and deploy some new HR technology only to find that...

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Inside Recruiting March 12, 2015
Have You Upgraded Your Talent Strategy to Version 2.0?

The traditional workforce, the one that we all know and love, has until recently been largely composed of colocated workers. By this, we mean mostly full-time employees working in the same building and collaborating on projects face-to-face. Call this "Workforce 1.0." As we can see, however, the world -- and the workplace practices of the world -- is quickly evolving.  Many modern-day...

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