Samantha LoCoco

Samantha LoCoco earned her BA in English and world literatures from Marymount Manhattan College. She works as a research assistant for a Pulitzer Prize-winning author and is currently an MFA candidate for fiction at The New School in Manhattan.

Inside Recruiting December 29, 2016
Why Your Talent Management Practices Should Center on Top Talent

In a world of multigenerational workforces and falling unemployment levels, traditional methods of attracting, retaining, and engaging employees are losing their effectiveness. Cerno, which provides adventure learning programs to organizations, recently published a white paper entitled "The Talent Challenge: How Leading Companies Attract, Retain, and Engage Top Talent." The paper outlines...

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Inside Recruiting December 22, 2016
Women in STEM: What Matters Now

According to a new report from employer branding specialists Universum, the gender imbalance in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields still persists, despite all the federal research, diversity training programs, scholarships for women, and leadership development efforts aimed at tackling inequality. "The lack of women in STEM positions starts with a...

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Inside Recruiting December 21, 2016
Non-HR Executives Are Starting to Take on HR Roles

The human resources department is undergoing an extreme redesign, and career-long HR pros are no longer the only people overseeing the new and improved teams in the field. Many companies are now hiring non-HR executives, such as lawyers and accountants, to take on HR roles. According to Deloitte's Global Human Capital Trends 2016 report, these new faces are indicative of a broader shift...

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Get Hired December 19, 2016
The Competition Has an Elevator Speech – Do You?

A WorkSphere survey released in September by Spherion Staffing Services reveals that, for the most part, employees can articulate what they do for a living in 30 seconds or less. Eighty-nine percent of employees feel confident in their ability to give an "elevator speech," which suggests that a large portion of the workforce is equipped with the right tools to win the next job, promotion,...

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Inside Recruiting December 9, 2016
Happy Hiring: How to Attract and Maintain a Merry and Bright Workforce This Holiday Season

Attracting applicants for seasonal jobs is an increasing concern for retailers given the improving economy and the fact that more people are shopping this year. As a result, many retailers are doing more than just offering employee discounts to differentiate themselves from competitors and attract top talent. According to a new iCIMS report, 6 Tips to Score a Part-Time Job During the...

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Inside Recruiting December 9, 2016
Does Your Job Make the World a Worse Place?

PayScale recently released a report investigating job meaning among U.S. workers. Between 2014 and 2016, the company asked 467,883 workers to choose one of the following responses to the question, "Does your work make the world a better place?": - Very much so - Yes - A little - No - My job may make the world a worse place Fifty-four percent of workers reported high job...

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Inside Recruiting December 8, 2016
Jobvite's Survey Reveals Fierce Competition, Evolving Strategies in a Divided Time

Jobvite's 2016 Recruiter Nation Report gathered responses from more than 1,600 recruiting and human resource professionals, revealing that in order to remain competitive, recruiters must revolutionize their strategic approaches to sourcing, hiring, and onboarding new hires. "Job creation has been steadily increasing ever since the recession, forcing recruiters to double up their efforts...

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The Innovators December 7, 2016
Support Your Seasonal Workers With Training and Incentives

As we enter the height of holiday shopping mania, most news stories seem to focus on sales projections and shopping behaviors while paying little attention to the people on the front lines of the madness: retail employees and managers. To understand how managers and employees think, feel, and prepare for the final months of the year, the learning management platform Bridge by Instructure...

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The Innovators December 5, 2016
Keeping Distracted Employees Engaged This Holiday Season

The most critical business outcomes for today's organizations are sales/revenue, customer service, and employee productivity, and during the holiday season, these become even more critical for industries like retail, hospitality, manufacturing, and transportation and fulfillment. "For these organizations, the holiday season can represent almost 30 percent of annual sales," says Theresa...

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Smart Tech November 25, 2016
Companies Need Better Internal Communications to Engage Bored, Detached, and Disconnected Employees

A new report from interactive video company Rapt Media reveals that only one in three U.S. employees (32 percent) feels engaged at work. Another one-third of employees think their companies do not care about them and feel unappreciated by their supervisors, disconnected from their leaders, and bored with their employers' internal communications and training programs. Key findings from the...

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The Innovators November 23, 2016
FlexJobs 250: the Top Companies for Flexible Jobs

To celebrate the progress of workplace flexibility in recent years, flexible work job board FlexJobs compiled the FlexJobs 250, a list that features the top 250 companies with the most flexible job postings in the company's database over the last three years. FlexJobs defines a "flexible job" as "a professional-level job that has a telecommuting, flexible schedule, part-time, or...

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The Innovators November 22, 2016
Why It's a Good Idea to Make Your Team Multilingual

"We believe that the largest limitation to any company with international ambitions is no longer technological – it's human," says Jake Jolis, cofounder and CEO of online language-learning platform Verbling. "Companies that want to successfully strengthen their international business aren't limited by how equipped their computers are, but rather by how equipped their people...

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