Ted Kinney

Ted Kinney, PhD, is vice president of research and development for PSI. An industrial/organizational psychologist, Dr. Kinney leads a team of selection experts and developers in the creation and ongoing research into the most efficient and effective selection methodologies and tools. He is a trusted advisor to many international companies across a variety of industries. He has expertise in behavioral interviewing, turnover reduction, effective selection strategy, and executive assessment. His work has resulted in high levels of utility/return on investment for his clients, and he has shared his expertise in numerous publications and professional presentations.

Smart Tech March 31, 2021
The Pandemic Offers Us a Chance to Reimagine the Talent Life Cycle. We Should Take It.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been hard on nearly every industry, causing unprecedented challenges as companies struggle to adapt. As hiring freezes end and unemployed workers re-enter the workforce, the recruiting process has been particularly difficult to navigate. To meet the moment, employers must reconfigure their selection systems to efficiently handle higher applicant volumes. Many look...

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Inside Recruiting October 29, 2020
Hiring During a Recession: 3 Ways to Adapt to the Current Labor Market

Hiring during a recession can certainly be challenging. While companies may find there is no shortage of candidates, the real difficulty comes in trying to find the right candidate amid all the options. Recruiters need to strike a balance between attracting a large number of quality candidates and discouraging those with a lower likelihood of fit from applying. Without such a strategy, many...

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