But I Should Be His Boss!

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newsRecruiters may be familiar with women’s concerns about entering a new workplace.  Women candidates for a job position may feel like they can’t assume the new job will provide equal pay for equal work.  Similarly, they may wish to see a track record of employers’ demonstrated commitment to hiring and maintaining women in higher-up positions.

When recruiters encounter job candidates who are concerned about these issues, their needs should be taken seriously.  Their fears are based in a reality in which– even in 2011– women face discrimination at work.

One woman worker is taking action to end discrimination in the workplace.

Elaine Cyphers, the Human Resources Manager of Toshiba America Nuclear Engery (TANE) Corporation, describes a situation where a new job was created to be her superior.  That job was given to a less qualified man.  Most of her duties were taken away and her job was reduced low-level administration and clerical duties.

A press release from the litigation firm of Sanford Wittels & Heisler states they will be representing Elaine Cyphers,  in a class action employment lawsuit in the United States District Court for the Southern New York in an effort to end systemic, companywide gender discrimination against herself and other female employees by TANE and its parent corporation, Toshiba America, Inc.

According to the press release, the Complaint details a pattern of discrimination against women employed by the giant technology manufacturer and energy system supplier.  The Complaint asserts that Toshiba engages in systemic gender discrimination against female employees by paying them less than their male counterparts, denying them promotions into better and higher paying positions, limiting their employment opportunities to lower and less desirable job classifications, and exposing them to different treatment as employees. The Complaint also details preferential treatment that males at Toshiba receive with respect to salary, benefits, bonuses and promotions.

Although nothing is settled yet, recruiters may wish to follow this law suit as a major case of workers banding together to end gender discrimination.

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