Career Websites vs. Talent Communities [INFOGRAPHIC]

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talent communitiesRecruiting top talent is tough. Elusive passive candidates are hard to identify, it takes 43 days to find the right candidate for the role, and bad hires are extremely expensive. It’s even tougher when your career website doesn’t represent your company well.

On average, only 1 out of 10 job seekers who visit your site will take the time to apply. The majority are turned away by a negative candidate experience: long applications, impersonal experience, and lack of response.

So what’s the solution? Transform your corporate career website into an active, engaging talent community where you can build relationships with your future workforce over time. The result is a dramatically improved candidate experience, better quality workforce, and ultimately, accelerated revenue because you’re able to hire faster.

Take a look at this Infographic, designed by Ascendify, a leader in talent community development, to see how to make the transformation at your own career website.


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